RIP Bob Hawke

I bleed Maroon

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RIP Bob, how many Australians are alive today because of the vision and compassion of yourself and your government in bringing Medicare to life. The nation owes you a debt it can never repay.

A wave of emotion will sweep Labor to a comfortable victory on Saturday Night.
RIP Hawke :( Absolute champion and Australian legend. His work to bring Medicare is arguably the greatest thing a politician has ever done to immeasurably improve the lives of ordinary people.

My mum and dad were immigrants some 40 years ago, and my dad had serious health issues and if it wasn't for Medicare it's likely we wouldn't have had enough money to feed the family, for us kids to get an education and more importantly, to live a comfortable life not worrying how you can afford the medical care to stay alive.

There's nothing more important than health and a system of government provided universal health care should never be taken for granted. Thanks for fighting for that Bob, I wasn't alive at the time but I have no doubt it would have been a political nightmare to try to pass through such massive changes.


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I was watching a tribute of Hawke last night. Man! How politics have changed, the guy was knocking back a beer in half the footage, surrounded by beautiful women that were all over him lol.