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    Josh Jackson
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    Oscar Pistorius did.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I would like to announce that BroncosHQ now has a YouTube channel.

    I will be uploading videos to there from now on, as well as on Facebook. Make sure you subscribe if you want to be updated whenever new videos are uploaded!

    I just uploaded the very first video to the page. It's one I've been working on for a while now. Pretty much to show the best tries throughout the regular season.

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  5. Even though I'm absolutely shattered and I never want to feel this way again, I have to create a positive thread,

    Thanks to everyone involved at the club this year for making what would have been the best season ever.

    Thank you Wayne for bringing the club back from where it was.

    Thank you Milf & Hunt for leading the team around the park and creating a great halves combo that we will enjoy for years.

    Thank you all of the team for working hard for each other every game, always putting in 150% effort. Coming from the days of guys like Barba and Hoffman not trying, it was such a breath of fresh air to see guys out on their feet and still putting in, not wanting to let each other down.

    Thank you Justin Hodges for serving this club so well.
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  6. Nashy


    I really wanted to date this chick when I met her, she was awesome, but she rejected my advances. Five years later she finally agreed to a date. Fast forward six odd years, and I'm marrying her on Saturday. That's pretty rad.
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  7. It isn't fair, I've had enough now I want my share.
  8. Smokin' Joe

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    There is a massive upset on the cards here gentlemen. Every now and then you just get a feeling, or a hunch on what's going to happen. Body language, attitude etc.

    I feel we are going to win this.
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  10. I don't give a fuck about how average we looked, and I don't give a fuck if we get belted next week - I couldn't be more proud.

    One of the gutsiest performances I've seen from the Broncos. Fucking well done, lads!
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  11. Technically it's a 180, or you'll walk into your TV...
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    I don't visit the Broncos talk section anymore, but have come in to say:

    I was wrong. Bennett has done a great job with this team.

    Tonights game was the best I have seen the Broncos play in years. It has taken a while but tonight the attack really clicked. Hell, even reed is looking like a world beater now. They say u have to get ur defence right first and the attack will come and I think that's what bennet has done. First few months were all won on defence but now we have that rock solid our attack is just clicking. I know manly are absolutely shit at the moment, but still, I think we beat anyone tonight.

    Milford is playing like he did from fullback for raiders but doing it in the front line somehow now. He is looking great. Tonight was boyds best game since coming back too.

    Vidot and reed killed it tonight. Can't see maranta getting back in based on tonight's game.
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  14. Nashy


    Credit to me thinking I'm hilarious. @broncospwn had some stuff here that I decided ti courier over to him. So I hatched a plan. These were both attached to the outside of the box;

    1.jpg 2.jpg
  15. Morkel


    Who was it earlier that said we need to show the Storm no respect? That's where I'm at right now. The Storm show no respect to their opposition or the game. As brilliant as their players are, they still resort to bullshit tactics, illegal tactics, to win. On the field and off it, they've shown that they'll do anything they can to rig the game in their favour. Cheating salary caps. Foul play like blatantly holding Thaiday in the scrum so Slater can run through the gap. Dangerous tactics like chicken wings & grapple tackles. Fucking dog acts like the rolling pin where ex-players have admitted that they were taught to drop their knees on the opposition's calves in order to injure them and leave them unable to quickly return to their feet.

    Milford had the right idea throwing the ball straight at Cam Smith as he sat in the ruck. Fuck him. The shitstain was mortified, because how dare someone be allowed to get away with it, like he has a mortgage on milking penalties. We need more of that shit. Someone rough Slater up, he goes fucking nuts when things don't go his way. And Munster. Fucking Smith clocks off during Origin while Boyd and Milford are in the spine but as soon as his mates are back he decides to give a shit. Making Munster look like a superstar in the process. I hope Milford does not forget the turd sandwich he was handed during Origin and completely outplays his pampered opposite number.

    It would be so sweet to watch Bennett walk stone faced down to the field, victorious but unfazed, while Bellamy blows a fucking head gasket and sooks all the way down to the sheds, knowing he'll never again have the luxury of coaching the Big 3 and his reputation as a master coach begins its inevitable death spiral.
  16. Smokin' Joe

    Smokin' Joe QCup Player

    You deadset cannot be serious?
    Tell us what you know about mental toughness?
    Have you experienced something like the enormity of being named the Broncos captain? A club that you had supported since you were a boy and aspired to play at. A club that feels like family under a coach that is like a father.

    That's the reality for Boyd. Nothing to do with depression, relapses or pressure. Pure emotion and happiness at achieving what he obviously sees as his highest honour, above premierships, origin victories and Australian jerseys and fulfilling a childhood dream.

    Grow up mate. Your trolling is ridiculous.
  17. Was I watching a different game, or was Sims fine tonight? He ran for over 100 metres, scored a try (nearly a double), made a line-break, busted a bunch of tackles, played with mongrel.

    I understand that you hate him for some unknown reason, but at least single him out after he's had a poor game lol.
  18. I thought this deserved it's own thread. If the others want to move it, that would be fine.

    A look at some of the 2016 highlights of Corey Oates that earned him selection in the QLD squad.

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  19. soup


    Over time, he’s made a lot of early, correct calls that most of us plebs appreciate as we mostly rely on deciphering the crap that journo’s offer, mixed with club propaganda.

    There are a few insiders on this forum that carefully give tip-offs on inner club workings. Reputations over time have filtered the chaff, and Smokin’ Joe ain’t chaff. On top of that, he’s a great member of our community here, always respectful and happy to help.

    It’s frustrating that certain members (often new ones) seem to want to flex their ego and challenge those trusted members in what appears as a one-sided dick measuring comp, but these blokes take it in their stride for the most part.
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