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    LIVE League World Cup 9's

    I think most Brisbane folk have better things to do than to fork out money for a modified and meaningless form of the game. The nines are a hard sell no matter where you take it.
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    NEWS Brisbane Broncos could lose David Fifita to mega deal

    A lot of conjecture over nothing. He won't be going anywhere especially at his tender age. As far as money goes, 700k or a million sounds the same when you come from absolutely nothing. He could go to a better organization with capable coaching and better skilled teammates where he could be the...
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    Folau has no regrets - would say it all again

    lol, you forgot X-Box, WWE and Triple Whoppers.
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    Name your top 5 Broncos

    1 Allan Langer 2 Gorden Tallis 3 Chris Walker 4 Wendell Sailor 5 Dave Taylor Hon mentions: D Lockyer, Kevie Walters, Ben Walker, Shaun Berrigan, Peter Ryan.
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    RUMOUR Jordan Rapana to sign

    Still waiting for this scoop to come to fruition.
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    LIVE NRL - 2019 Grand Final

    It wasn't the ref's fault that the Roosters marched 80 mtrs downfield to score the winning try. They did call six again initially and should have stuck with the decision but they didn't hence the uproar. It certainly didn't determine the outcome of the match. Onto next year.
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    LIVE NRL - 2019 Grand Final

    I agree, Roosters by 16+, so much talent in this side. Canberra very lucky to be there.
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    LIVE NRL - 2019 Grand Final

    Makes more sense to target the young rather than a bunch of old farts like us. These fans will ensure that the sport lives on long after we've been cremated.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    The addition of Fafita to the Souths squad would make them premiership favorites (almost). He'd be crazy not to consider it. There are a lot greener pastures than the train wreck that is occurring at Red Hill atm.
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    2020 Round 1 Line up

    Not only that, you'd even be fucking worse than Anthony Seibold.
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    VOTE Would you be ok with Lodge as captain?

    Take your fanboy spiel and **** off. This forum is open to differing opinions.
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    LIVE NRL - Finals Week 3

    The Roosters are over the cap? What is your official source?
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    RUMOUR Did Brodie Croft just become a Bronco over brunch at a Sydney cafe?

    Never quite hit the heights that was expected of him but when he was in form, he was near unstoppable. Out of form and he was rarely noticed. A good player but not a great by any means.
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    RUMOUR Did Brodie Croft just become a Bronco over brunch at a Sydney cafe?

    I don't mind Croft but they need a bigger name than him to lead this side around. He reminds me a lot of Nikorima, a good running game and fast but just like Kodi, his kicking game and defensive skills need plenty of work. At least he has got youth on his side.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    Shit, you have a lot of faith in Paix. Hasn't played a single NRL game yet you have him in pencilled in for the next decade. Big question marks on Turps, Flegler and Dearden as well. With the constant changing nature of RL, I'd say none of those players are in the lineup in ten years time.

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