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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2020

    I don't think it's just his running game. His passing game is pretty incredible for a fullback too. He definitely needs to be a little more consistent and get involved more, but some of his passes have been absolutely beautiful, I really don't think you can fluke those.
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2020

    I'll just be happy that he'll be staying in the NRL.
  3. Alec

    PLAYER Who is your favourite Bronco for 2020?

    I hope its going to be Milf
  4. Alec

    BHQ Tipping Comp - 2020

    If it can't be fixed, just let it be decided by something random, like alphabetical order.
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    TV Show Thread

  6. Alec

    TV Show Thread

    Finished S3 of Westworld. What in the **** happened to this show? The drop in quality from S1 to S3 is like going from the classic Simpsons to current Simpsons.
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    OFFICIAL Broncos release Andrew McCullough

    With Newcastle's main hooker being injured it made sense for them to sign Macca for the year, but I don't think it's the right team for him either way. He'll help the defence, but in attack they just need someone who can get the ball to Pearce as quickly as possible and go for a nice run when...
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    OFFICIAL Jack Bird goes down

    Just too injury prone, and I think it's more likely that he'll somehow miss most of the next season too rather than play the whole thing without getting injured.
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    Credit where credit's due

    Left lane - People who go 15Ks under the limit Right lane - People who go 20-30Ks over the limit Just give us flying cars already.
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    Movie Thread

    I'd say that's still Denzel's best role. He always seems to play the good character, so this stands out for another reason too.
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    The random question thread

    They are not really. Most of these companies like "Arnott's" are just owned by a single USA company. If was Campbell's before and it's something else now.
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    PRE-GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Eels

    It's probably what's going to happen, and I'd vastly prefer McCullough filling in for 20-30 minutes over Glenn doing the same. Especially Glenn who isn't even fresh after starting the game in the 2nd row.
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    The random question thread

    Slow setting is too slow Medium setting is too fast
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    OFFICIAL Broncos release Andrew McCullough

    I think that happened a number of years after McCullough's debut. He actually came in when everyone was trying to have their own Cam Smith.

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