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    RUMOUR Boyd and McCullough told to look elsewhere

    To be honest, Katoa is even worse than Macca.
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    Darius Boyd told he won’t play round one, Jack Bird cut loose in Broncos upheaval

    I hope not. I just don't rate him at all. His only real positive is that he seems to have a lot of time with his kicks for some reason?
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    NEWS Broncos eye Valentine Holmes as saviour of Red Hill after finals bashing

    This is all just assumption, but I feel like Storm can get away a bit without a halfback largely due to Cam Smith.
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    NEWS Broncos eye Valentine Holmes as saviour of Red Hill after finals bashing

    Agreed about the type of player that we need more than anything. I dunno if Croft would be that player though, but probably a lot more likely than someone who is only 18/19 and should probably still be playing QLD Cup (not just to learn the game, but in terms of physicality too, not many 18/19...
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    NEWS Patience thins as Anthony Milford fights to save career at Brisbane

    If there are so many variable for Milford to actually be good, then he's not worth 1 million a year.
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    RUMOUR Boyd and McCullough told to look elsewhere

    I think Seibold more or less confirmed that he knows that Boyd and Macca are some of the big issues we have. He said during the post match conference how everyone knows what's wrong - and everyone bags out those 2 more than anyone else.
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    NEWS The night before losing 58-0 to the Eels, the Broncos were … at the pub

    It almost sounds like a stealth excuse. This wasn't the reason why they were smashed 58 to 0. There are bigger problems than this, and they must be dealt with first.
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    RUMOUR Darius Boyd and Paul White Standing Down

    No one strikes me as captain material yet, so maybe going with a leadership group is not a bad idea. Have a core group of players, challenge them to be consistently good and maybe pick the best of the lot for 2021. Might get some of our players to improve on the little things - Lodge and Ofa to...
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    SATIRE Zero Tackle - Secret NRL letter discovered

    It's OK satire, not particularly good. Could have used more work.
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    2019 Ashes discussion

    Genius level plan to bowl first.
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    Yeah, this is something I'm afraid of. 30+ weeks since Seibold got here, not gameplan or structures in place. Not even a hint of it. How's it suddenly going to get better in the next 22 or whatever weeks? A lot of which will be holidays for the players too.
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    VOTE Should Wayne Bennett have seen out 2019?

    He might have fucked us long term with some other signings (Roberts re-signing for 4 years etc.). We needed a change, but it just doesn't look like a good change so far.
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    58-0 - Biggest loss in finals history

    Well, at least we won something.
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    2019 Broncos Season Review

    1. Boyd - MAJOR FAIL. There has been a lot said about him already. Absolutely dreadful display this year. 2. Oates - FAIL. He started sort of on fire, scoring 7 or so tries in the first 3 or 4 matches. From then on he's mostly been terrible. Only 2nd to Dugan in terms of errors this year NRL...
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    POST GAME Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    Makes the Dragons game a warm memory in comparison.

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