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    NEWS Haas gets pay bump, long term deal in holding pattern

    Look I hate Smith as much as the next guy. But nothing he said there seems outlandish. A lot of it people on this very forum have said the exact same thing. But yeah why not GET FUCKED SMITH.
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    VOTE Kev’s end of season mark

    I also think his selections have been intentional. Every player has had a chance to show why they should or shouldn't be here moving forward. I think the efforts the team has put in towards the end of the season have showed us where some of the problems were and have since been sent packing.
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    NEWS Haas gets pay bump, long term deal in holding pattern

    Yep even the guys who are just filler for the 30 have been signed on shorter 1-2 year deals and 0 player options!!!!
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    Which ones can actually play and which ones are just bigger than the kids they are playing against?
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    PRE-GAME [Round 22, 2021] Broncos vs Roosters

    Farnworth is a handy kicker
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    RUMOUR Payne Haas 10yrs

    Ahh ok. My mistake. I was just going by your original comment which spoke to his list of mates being pushed out. But! My point still stands. And I honestly cant remember too much of the seibold days. Seems like soo many loses ago that they all just mush together. If you told me that every game...
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    RUMOUR Payne Haas 10yrs

    Dearden wasnt poorly handled. He didnt get a contract because he couldnt wait for the new CEO to start. It was his choice to rush out and sign the first thing anyone put in his face. Probably because the longer he stayed in first grade the more everyone would realise hes not worth handing a...
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    SATIRE Paul Kent’s take.

    Nothing Kent said seemed outlandish, and what most fans are saying.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    ...but but but. I thought the cowboys were promoting from within?!?!
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    This sounds like another one of those- hes now in the cooling off period and suddenly clubs have gone cold or looking to build from within. To try and save face from missing out on a signature. Much like Sharks and Reynolds situation. He is in Brisbane at the moment....
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    Dragons vs Broncos [Round 13, 2021]

    Will they call a forward pass tonight?
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    General State of Origin Discussion

    I hate being that guy but does anyone have a QLD membership that they wont be using for the early access tickets for game 1 today? I would love to beat some of those Cows fans to their own seats.
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    NEWS Milford: we sorted it out

    I thought you were wrong about backing milf. But at the same time I hoped you were right. Such a waste.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    Perhaps we could player swap and send them Flegler for a year. Would probably do him wonders.
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    Broncos vs Storm [Round 12, 2021]

    Milford standing still, not following the play again. Didnt move a muscle when that ball when to ground.
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