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    Take your like and **** off! [emoji846]
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    NRL Player Movements & Rumours - 2022

    Let's just say things get a little "Rusty" whenever the club needs a favour.
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    Anthony Seibold is no longer our coach

    Oh hi Mark
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    NRL Players in hot water

    I'm guessing @Parrax won't be showing his face around here anytime soon.
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    Who are you cheering on to the premiership?

    I believe it's [emoji533] not [emoji1646], but in your case maybe you should use 🤏
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    POST GAME Round 19 - Eels vs Broncos

    For your own good I'm turning off the life support. We won the 2015 grand final and never lost a premiership from that point onwards and Trump only ever appeared on The Apprentice. Rest easy sweet child.
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    PRE-GAME Round 20 - Broncos vs Cowboys

    You're like a present day Steven Seagal.
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    POST GAME Round 19 - Eels vs Broncos

    It was a rhetorical question but well done. You know who else had 80 year old hammy's? Hodges, but he would have been out for the season 2 minutes into 2020 based on the luck we've had this year. Way to miss the point.
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    POST GAME Round 19 - Eels vs Broncos

    How is it in the shit show of a year that 2020 has been that Darius Boyd has not missed a single game? Not bagging him at all but that really does sum up our year. At least we've been humbled in 2020 as a club and our only way forward is up. A few keen signings and releases and we'll start the...
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    PRE-GAME Round 19 - Eels vs Broncos

    Let them have their fun, Parra are still going to lose this year and the next and so on. We may suck now but at least we know we'll be back in contention in a few years. The eels have sucked for so long that even losing in a semi will feel like a win to them.
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    Next Broncos coach

    Gane? If you're going to nitpick people's spelling mistakes at least get your own house in order.
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    PLAYER Darius Boyd Discussion

    Oddly specific.
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    PLAYER Darius Boyd Discussion

    He never lost us the game tonight buddy boy. He never brought the club into disrepute. He's a far cry from his former self but you're definitely projecting here. PS, hey Darius if you're reading this please know that you're the greatest player that ever lived. God damn you're the best. Don't...
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    PLAYER Darius Boyd Discussion

    I'll celebrate the man's career, nothing sick about that. Glad he's gone too but you never achieved half what he has in your lifetime. Plenty of better players are washed up former versions of themselves at the end of their careers but you lashing out on a fan forum doesn't change anything...
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    PLAYER Darius Boyd Discussion

    Worth it bro, you really showed Darius what's up.

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