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    NEWS The Third Coming of Wayne Bennett

    Really well put.
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    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2021

    Seriously how dumb are these guys. How about you put the phones away when doing illegal shit dickheads?
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    NEWS Reece Walsh sells his soul to Warriors. No big deal.

    I shouldn’t be but I genuinely surprised how little is being made out about this by both fans and the media. 3 hours of the triple m footy show where the only have 2 teams to discuss and not even a mention. If he was still at the broncos we would be crucified for this.
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    NEWS Reece Walsh sells his soul to Warriors. No big deal.

    I meant to say ekkies as in Ecstasy, but turns out it was coke.
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    NEWS Reece Walsh sells his soul to Warriors. No big deal.

    I am not sure where pot came into this but isn’t it alleged that Walsh was caught with Eccles? Take all further discussions about this to the drugs thread whatever it is called and bring this thread back to about Walsh and what the little shit stain did.
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    AFL 2021

    Crazy how fast the Dees put on points, this was a fantastic final.
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    Finals Week 3

    I can’t fucking stand that bloke.
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    OFFICIAL Broncos sign Ryan James

    I’m not really sure why you tagged me in your meltdown around your good mate, but they are liars. Just because they haven’t lied on this occasion doesn’t change anything.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    Are you going to start
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2021

    I was going to say exactly this. The Titans got to look at what a disaster putting all your money into your forwards and putting too many rookies in the spine. For some reason though instead of taking the warning they have used it as a template.
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    TC Robati charged

    Jesus who gives a ****.
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    NEWS Milford arrested

    He’s done I reckon.
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    NEWS Milford arrested

    Does he though? I have never seen anything to suggest he is overly well liked, in fact up until the last few games no one looked like they liked playing with him. We also never got the typical stories of “keep my mate here”
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