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    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2019

    Well they didn’t exactly play this weekend
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    The random question thread

    I’m looking at getting a smart watch for my running as I’m sick of carrying my phone. I’m leaning towards the Apple Watch as it seems the easier option in regards to using the apps and accounts already on my iPhone. Had a look at a few Garmin and Samsung but not too sure about the...
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    LIVE Round 14 Discussion

    Paul Green having a massive sook in the post game.
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    PLAYER Darius Boyd: tribute thread

    Since Boyd became Captain we have lacked leadership. Now that the team is fielding young and/or inexperienced players you need a captain to lead the way in attitude and performance. This is not occurring. I’ve been on this forum since 06 and have never seen a near unanimous opinion of a...
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Any not named Darius Boyd
  6. Browny

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Yeah, I was saying we need to sign a fullback. The one we have is broken
  7. Browny

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

  8. Browny

    PRE-GAME Game I 2019

    Just win ffs
  9. Browny

    PRE-GAME Game I 2019

    Just do this with some lyrics changed
  10. Browny

    LIVE Round 12 Discussion

    Second effort by Reynolds and not penalised. Pure manipulation to make a grandstand finish
  11. Browny

    PRE-GAME Game I 2019

    I can’t remember the series but the one where he came and played on one leg where he had a pre choke artist B Hunt in the wings is probably a reason fans were off him as well
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    NEWS Segeyaro wants to seal the deal

    Exactly this, channel 7 said below 0.05
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    LIVE Round 11 Discussion

    How was he offside when he was the marker?
  14. Browny

    LIVE Round 11 Discussion

    NRL ‘We must protect the kicker’ Nek minnit ‘Nah nothing wrong with the tackle’ apart from offside, late and high contact. JWH is a cat

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