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    The right to bag stuff out

    You still go there because??
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    TV Show Thread

    The outcome was right. But Dany losing her shit in 2 episodes was rushed. Plus all of a sudden we could speed travel when Dany took 3 seasons to get to Westeros. The battle of winterfell and the score was an awesome episode.
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    TV Show Thread

    Just rewatched the entire series of GoT. Such a shame they rushed the last season
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    The random question thread

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    The right to bag stuff out

    If it was a chick 100% chance of Karen haircut
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    The right to bag stuff out

    Dont think leaking footage will work again either
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    The right to bag stuff out

    Apparently those that were on lockdown have forgotten how to drive. So many idiots on the gateway the last couple of days
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    Random Facts Thread...Or The Art of I Can't Believe I Didn't Know That Thread

    the urban legend ofsomeone losing an eye from a plover barb
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    NRL Players in hot water

    Suspending Boyd and Bird isn’t a punishment lol
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    Movie Thread

    Hang on, is this a Monkey Magic movie?
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    Movie Thread

    Ive been watching a few docos on Netflix about innocent people getting railroaded by the system. Pretty scary the level of corruption and collusion that exists just to cover their fuckup for decades
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    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Recommencing

    Or Smith wasn’t doing it for him
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    Pro Wrestling

    Why Sheamus is getting a push has got me stuffed
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    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Recommencing

    Sydney airport isn’t accepting flights anyway at the moment
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    2020 Origin Discussion

    How about no

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