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    Who replaces Smith?

    I don't think he has been pedestrian, we just don't require magic from him in a team that has Milf and Hunt running around. Macca does what's required of him and does it well imo. If the future QLD halves are Milf/Hunt then the chemistry with Macca as the 9 would work well and help QLD.
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    Is Lachlan Maranta Really That Bad?

    Bennett wanted someone who could slot in anywhere in the backline and Maranta can do that, might not be a game breaker but he can slot right in.
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    Is Lachlan Maranta Really That Bad?

    Maranta will be in our run on side round 1, which is fine.
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    RUMOUR James Roberts to Broncos

    Lebron James will have nothing on the Copley decision!
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    RUMOUR James Roberts to Broncos

    I wish we had some Bucks fans here.
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    RUMOUR James Roberts to Broncos

    Of course he would be, you don't leave an All-Star level player in reserves.
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    RUMOR: "Biggest signing in the club's history"

    Oh how I hope that is wrong!
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    Resurgent Adam Blair the key man for Broncos NRL title hopes

    I'd imagine when he ran out on the field, each and every single one of them counted.
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    PRE-GAME Qualifying Final - Broncos vs Cowboys

    Unless they had trouble conceiving and then it's a matter of keep trying and be happy when it happens.
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    Round 26 - Broncos vs Storm

    A real struggle without Hunt, Taylor isn't ready for first grade and Milf is lost without Hunt.
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    POST GAME Round 25 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    To be fair, Hunt can **** all the field goals he wants if he scores afterwards.
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    Jarryd Hayne NFL Career

    Re: Jarryd Hayne ---> NFL I just hope he makes it so he can get hit by Clay!
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    NRL TV Rights Deal

    That's the same for any game in NSW regardless of day tho.
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    Jayden Nikorima to Sydney Roosters on 3 year deal

    220k a season for a guy that might play 1 game? eh let him go.
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    PRE-GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Dragons

    We got this, expect a big game from the players we expect to shine and a Broncos 42-6 scoreline... We aren't playing around, I wish people would stop doubting the team leading the comp and with a for and against like we have. This is it, we shut the doubters up tonight.

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