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    VOTE Should Seibold be sacked immediately

    Matt Elliot. Briefly mentioned as an option but just someone to break down plays and KISS. This is what we need, plus some heart and pride in the jersey.
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    POST GAME Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    One of our biggest issues guys and girls is we don’t believe we can win. Coach doesn’t seem to believe it or even pretend to, in order to inspire his team. Most of our players don’t have that confidence. When the young ones look to their senior teammates for some kind of hope, it ain’t there...
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    Anthony Seibold Discussion

    Have a think about it for a little bit but if we can’t defend for shit, maybe the Walker brothers can actually help us score in the second half of games????
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    VOTE Should Milford be dropped immediately?

    Don’t. Might turn into a self harm scenario. I’m being dramatic but **** me, grow a pair and call your players out!
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    POST GAME Round 6 - Knights vs Broncos

    Might get shot down but I don’t think Croft is going that bad. Can either Croft or Dearden play 6?
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    POST GAME Round 6 - Knights vs Broncos

    Sadly, I think you may have a valid point mate.
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    POST GAME Round 6 - Knights vs Broncos

    Haven’t bagged the coach ever but tonight was the last straw. Not really sure what they’re trying to do during games and I’d guess that the players don’t really know either. I can’t see shape, any repeated structures, just nothing in attack. Defence is even more concerning. I get the fatigue...
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    -NEWS- Staggs injured at training

    Not to be physics smart arse but there’s less total force in the collision with only one person travelling at speed.
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    Injury Update: Fifita Out Of Brace, Lodge Looks Good

    I’m cautious about the the hype surrounding Cardigan but his performance against the Eels was impressive. I can see him becoming the dude you just don’t want to run at in the next year or so. To hit hard all game is one thing but to cover the gap and close shit down all game as well is what...
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    POST GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    He hits him in the arse cheek first, then drops to the legs. No penalty justified..
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    LIVE Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    I understand your point but footy is so much about momentum. Even in lower grade RL (Toowoomba 1st Grade) it’s been apparent for the last decade at least. At the end of the game, people see the score difference and argue that even if that dodgy decision went the other way, it wouldn’t have made...
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    -NEWS- Boyd, Macca and Bird to reignite against the Capras

    Any idea if the trials will be streamed? I’d really like to watch in something resembling std def at least. Sorry if thus has been asked and answered already.
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    -OFFICIAL- Mr Consistent cements two more years

    I seriously do not get the under appreciation that Glenn gets. Hasn’t stepped a foot wrong his entire career. Does the 1%ers that most of time few notice. I get he’s not going to break the game open and win a match by himself. Do fans realise it takes a number of those guys in a premiership...
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    POST GAME Trial #3 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    My son loved that. We’d wrestle during the game and after, I’d concede defeat. He’d walk around wearing his Broncs jersey with his chest puffed out! Pretty cool memories.
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    POST GAME Trial #3 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    So did your 2 year old get a submission?

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