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  1. POST GAME Trial #3 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    My son loved that. We’d wrestle during the game and after, I’d concede defeat. He’d walk around wearing his Broncs jersey with his chest puffed out! Pretty cool memories.
  2. POST GAME Trial #3 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    So did your 2 year old get a submission?
  3. POST GAME Round 22 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    From the outset, settle the **** down gents. Stop bitching about this player or that player. It’s a team game and regardless of all the points I intent to make below, we were not good enough to control our own destiny. I’m 41 and have been highly invested in my team since ‘88. In the NSWRL era...
  4. LIVE Round 19 - Broncos vs Panthers

    Wife a bit friskie. Asked if I’d like to join her upstairs. Told her “Honestly my night can’t get any better”. Hope 2nd half doesn’t disappoint and good performance lasts longer than what I could have provided!
  5. NEWS Alex McKinnon

    Stating the obvious, this is a very sensitive issue. I really do feel for Alex and his family. But from personal experience, I don't believe he should be able to sue the player, club or the NRL. Let me add some context. I used to build sheds for a living. Got a bit of experience and went from...
  6. LIVE Representative Weekend

    Haven't checked previous comments so forgive if I'm repeating prior comments. Playing a game with my daughters. Yell "Bronco" every time one of our players features in the play. ???
  7. LIVE Round 8 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    It's at the point now where the defender will run the risk of hanging back on covering to increase the chance of getting hit on the outside shoulder.
  8. LIVE Round 8 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    Getting bloody silly now with obstruction
  9. POST GAME Round 6 - Broncos vs Dragons

    Know he's not popular but Gillette MOTM. Hunt better. Give Oates, Kahu n Roberts the week off
  10. LIVE Round 6 - Broncos vs Dragons

    It's rd.6 lads. Defence is solid. Attack is somewhat disjointed. There's a lot of other teams that r rustier than us in attack at this point in the season. B happy. Love him as a player but it beginning to shit me how Milf seems to hate getting tackled
  11. PRE-GAME Qualifying Final - Broncos vs Cowboys

    Love the fact that even being made to make a shitload of tackles, we're 16th for missed tackles. What a difference a year makes! Don't really care who we play at what stage. If we're going to win the comp then we've got to beat whoever is in front of us at wherever. Might be a little...
  12. LIVE Round 26 - Broncos vs Storm

    Knee to groin Rab's u idiot
  13. LIVE Round 26 - Broncos vs Storm

    Who's at the game?
  14. LIVE Round 26 - Broncos vs Storm

    Niko kicking well. Dreading a Dodd's/Wallace error
  15. LIVE Round 23 - Broncos vs Dragons

    No Hadley. Feel like I've had a win already.

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