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    Cricket BBL|10 Discussion

    Don't forget when the Heat won the BBL2 title they basically had a specialist fielder (Sabburg) in the team.
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    VOTE What hurt worse; 2015 GF or the spoon?

    2015 GF was worse by a long way.
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    RUMOUR Anthony Seibold offered $1 Million to leave

    I can't help but think they'll go with whoever is most likely to convince Cameron Smith to sign with us for next year, which is why this is all coming to a head suddenly.
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    POST GAME Round 15 - Broncos vs Dragons

    I know our season's gone to shit but it is so exciting to see a proper quality young half in Dearden so involved and taking the lead in the team. The most important player to re-sign imo.
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    -NEWS- Brisbane chairman Karl Morris: Shitbold survives

    Alex Glenn busted his backside for the team the other night. Not his fault things went pear-shaped.
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    2020 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

    The current home jersey is horrible. A lot of home jerseys released by clubs over the years just look like something you can't picture anyone winning a premiership in, and the current one is a good example of that. The 2013-14 one was the same (if not worse). It may have been maroon and gold...
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    LIVE Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    The last three minutes encapsulates the Broncos' past 12 months.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    If we're keeping Dearden over Milford then I'd rather see Dearden replace him this season, given there's no Qld Cup for him to play in. This is also why I'm okay with all the youth in the team.... where else are they meant to play this year to continue developing? Happy to take the losses this...
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    LIVE Round 5 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos

    What a fucking stitch up this has been
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    When did the broncos lose their culture?

    Lost it in 2003 when we couldn't score more than 40 in any game and lost the last 8-9 games in a row to limp into the finals.
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    It’s not Seibold’s fault

    The loss was sad, and I was never particularly sold on Seibold as a coach, but I'm not prepared to dump it all on him at the moment either. The worst part of the losses has been how easily we drop the ball, but I've still felt a lot worse many times over the past 20 years when we were losing...
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    POST GAME Round 4 - Broncos vs Roosters

    For me it's the social media "celebrations" they show after every try. Because nothing makes you want to keep watching your team getting flogged more than some lame attention seeker opposition supporter hamming it up after every score...
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    LIVE Round 3 - Broncos vs Eels

    The Broncos ball control has been horrific, just as it has been for much of the past 12 months.
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    Nines / Trial Games

    Riki with the least subtle late flop you'll see all year
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    2020 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

    Maybe they could release a better looking classic-style jersey and wear it as our 'home' jersey this year and just relegate the dreadful designated 'home' jersey to the 9s where it belongs.

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