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    His three year contract is supposedly a two year development deal, moving onto the main roster in 2023 for the third year.
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    Herbie Farnworth - 20 games, 3 tries, 11 line breaks, 7 try assists, 56 tackle busts, 145 running metres per game Stephen Crichton - 27 games, 11 tries, 4 line breaks, 8 try assists, 66 tackle busts, 144 running metres per game Tried to pick a comparable player, both 21 years old. Crichton has been touted as a future superstar and NSW representative. These numbers tell me that Herbie is the more damaging player. So many Crichton tries came from Cleary/Luai kicks, and his other numbers are...
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    I'm sorry, i'm not holding my fingers any longer ... anyone who doesn't rate Herbie is WRONG. just look at this video ... speed, strength, footwork, big breaks, kicks (try assists), passes (try assists), offloads ... and all off this in a struggling team without even a semblance of play making or organisation
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    Fair call. For the vast majority of his breaks, there isn't another Bronco jumper within coowee.
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    Staggs passes less than Herbie does.
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