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    Ben Ikin: Sorry Darius, Maybe you need to Harden Up

    A voice of reason. I doubt we'd be talking about it this much if there was footie on.
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    The Pearl in Action

    Jesus. How old am I???
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Indeed. On a scale like this, you'd assume it would be rushed through as safely and as quickly as possible. even to the point of indemnifying the producer from longer term side effects
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    OFFICIAL Jack Bird goes down

    I'm not sure there's not a lot of fake outrage in here? There aren't too many attacks on him as a person - I'm taking the "**** him off" posts as a outlet of frustration against: his long contract; his pre-existing arthritis, the little gift of the unresolved sternum injury form Cronulla; his...
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    -NEWS- This Bird will fly again

    Hey, want to go halves on tonight's Powerball draw? I'll let you pick the numbers. But seriously - pick the powerball number itself, I'll go put one on. If it wins Div 1, I'll shout a BHQ get together at the leagues club! :)
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    O'Sullivan takes first big steps in rehab

    That's the sort of sh|t that can stuff a career. Hard to get back to your best after 3..... :(
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    -NEWS- Jesse Arthars in the mix

    Reminds me of that game which spawned my favourite meme....
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    -NEWS- Jake Turpin: the happy hooker

    Good point. Look at Alex Glenn, the other journeyman of the club. Both outstanding clubmen that quite obviously put in their all every game, both are winding up on their careers, and neither likely to be named an Immortal any time soon. No where near as much vitriol surrounding Glenn though
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    -NEWS- Spotted: Bird and Lodge in Burleigh bingle

    I understand this bloke is a professional, but... I would have stood slightly to the side.
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    OFFICIAL Shibasaki signs three year deal with Newcastle

    This is like a little early Christmas gift. I really didn't think they'd move Dickfingers on! No personal dislike, but it was like watching Dale Copley mkII. Hard to get excited about, and always waiting for the next clanger.
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    PLAYER Keenan Palasia Discussion

    If not required in the halves, Morgan could play center. I thought he had already done so at some stage?
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    Jack Bird to remain at Red Hill despite testing his value on the open market

    He had Oates humming on the wing whilst he was playing. It was beginning to be a decent looking combo. Not that slotting him back into centre solves the Darius Boyd positional issue. Damn
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    What’s going wrong with us?

    Lower grade? Yeah, check out last week's low-lights.
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    Dobbo Warning Israel Folau’s secret meeting with the Brisbane Broncos revealed

    Wait... God's going to win the premiership this year? Hardly seems fair. Anyone know if SportsBet are paying out yet? They always do that on the certainties :) 1561239322 Thanks for that. To be honest, though, my coffee was a little too hot to be coming out my nostrils, but cheers anyway...
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    Dobbo Warning Israel Folau’s secret meeting with the Brisbane Broncos revealed

    Here's the common sense rebuttal. Makes sense to me. It's just unfortunate, as they say, that common sense... isn't that common? Some comedian once said something along the lines of "if the <insert religious document here> could be reduce to "just don't be a khunt" we'd all be much better off.

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