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    TV Show Thread

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    Credit where credit's due

    edit: Added spoiler tag
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    The random question thread

    It depends what the issue is you're wanting to discuss as to whether or not using your EAP would be "worthwhile." The sessions are very limited I think maybe 3-5 per financial year? So if you're wanting to deal with some deeply seeded trauma, I'd suggest engaging in more long term counselling...
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    SPLIT BroncosHQ Member and Site Discussion

    Bit late to the thread here. I'm a female, but mainly lurk only, the only posts I make are usually in relation to memes or GIFS responses. Haha.
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    LIVE Round 6 - Raiders vs Broncos

    What about now? [emoji23]‍♀️ it's going to be a long season..
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    POST GAME Round 4 - Roosters vs Broncos

    Saw this on the Bronxnation facebook group [emoji23] #cmongang #toredhillweride
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    Australian Cricket Team admit to ball tampering

    Seems to have just given the media more of a platform to compare the two incidents and question our morals even more so.
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    TV Show Thread

    It is addictive, be careful! [emoji16]
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    The right to bag stuff out

    Hahahaha I probably should have worded that better [emoji23]
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    TV Show Thread

    Today is the day... 11am new game of thrones!!
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    The right to bag stuff out

    Hahahaha [emoji23] now we look like one of those lame couples that live in each other's pockets, and that I invade his private man space time.
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    The right to bag stuff out

    Haha yeah so true. You just don't realise how much stuff has gluten in it until you have to be so diligent about it. Then it's the way its handled and cooked too, pretty much dont bother eating out if you're a celiac..