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    OFFICIAL Broncos release Andrew McCullough

    Club Statement: Andrew McCullough Thu 21 May 2020, 03:04 PM The Brisbane Broncos today confirm they have released Andrew McCullough from his 2020 contract effective immediately. McCullough has been a part of the Broncos’ system since he was 13 years of age, playing in the...
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    OFFICIAL Jack Bird goes down

    At this point I'm almost hoping they put Darius back into fullback just so if he doesn't surprise us by really putting in for his last year that we will at least have the memes.
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    -NEWS- Raging Bull: Lodge's another complaint

    I like Lodge and think he has turned himself around but I think it is still going to be some time before the sponsors would accept him being captain. But as long as he continues to lead on the field he doesn't need a little (c) next to his name. Would like to see him punch Tallis but the media...
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    -NEWS- Tallis puts Seibold on final notice

    JYY was awesome and I miss him. Love the cheeky side steps and the chip kicks close to the line. One thing about the JYY highlights video is those kicks from Lockyer too and just the amount of space he had with a decent controlling half. Hopefully Turps/Croft/Milf can finally put in the work to...
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    OFFICIAL A day with Seibs

    This is the "Don't cancel your membership" video. Show that Seibs is serious and gets there early and works out himself also(because people called him Piebold), Darius scoring a try off a set play(Boyd and a lack of set plays are both complaints fans have made on here), Croft being a talker...
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    Song used for team announcement

    I always wondered why the music they come out to is always so friendly. Like they are ready for a bit of a friendly pillow fight. They need something with a bit more aggression... this would work perfectly!
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    -NEWS- Broncos 2020 back line a cavalcade of possibles and probables

    I get why the Milford hate happens but like others have said the guy was essentially playing 3 positions. I can't really get on the milf hate train when even Lockyer wouldn't have had a good year having to be most the spine on his own. 2020 sounds like it will be a better year already though!
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    PRE-GAME Round 25 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

    Off topic a little here... But how is it that we are still missing TPJ through suspension and JWH gets 1 week for last nights attempted decapitation?
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    -NEWS- McCullough backs halves to ignite attacking flow

    Doesn't everyone know by now? It's Boyds job to make a few tackles and call the shots like Cooper Cronk did in the GF as he is a legend of the game and Milfs job is to wait around for offloads then teleport to first receiver after playing the ball but also teleport to be there as the fullback on...
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    Boyd - I'm trying too hard

    Maybe when being beaten by 32 points it's best to not stand there with a big smile going on about how "there's more to life than footy it just wasn't our night". It's definitely not just Boyd's fault but we may as well have a scarecrow with a scary face on it under the goal posts as our last...
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    Boyd - I'm trying too hard

    Darius does fall over with unbridled enthusiasm in getting away from the attacking player or ball though. Sometimes I wonder if it's like that scene in the longest yard where Adam sandlers character gets sacked because his team realise he is throwing the game so they just stand aside. Except its...
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    Boyd - I'm trying too hard

    I don't have the time to watch every game every week. Does any other fullback just fall over as much as Darius does?
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    POST GAME Round 8 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    Who is responsible for the random patches of ice under Boyd's boots?
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    POST GAME Round 8 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    That was absolutely pathetic

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