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    Cricket First Test Australia v New Zealand- Perth

    Far out they know how to blow a runout opportunity
  2. Fernando

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2019

    Murray is an absolute gun and I'm sure he'd do well on an edge but having that lighter body in the middle of the field getting involved in everything is a big point of difference for them. Just play Arrow at prop on big minutes.
  3. Fernando

    Cricket General Cricket Discussion

    Wtf Smith. How are batsmen still getting bounced out by Wagner, he doesn't even have a good short ball he just bowls a lot of them.
  4. Fernando

    Cricket General Cricket Discussion

    He is a ripper.
  5. Fernando

    Russian four year ban

    Anyone ever looked into the "rumors" about Serena Williams? ...
  6. Fernando

    Cricket Queensland Cricket 2019/2020

    What’s the Perth wicket been like this season? I thought it was really good for the Test last year, hopefully something similar this week.
  7. Fernando

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    This. No way some anon on Triple M knows the Broncos plans 12 months in advance. I hope we get him though, I think his odds of staying with the Knights are close to 0%.
  8. Fernando

    Is Latrell Mitchell a Bad Guy?

    What is it the NSWRL have done wrong? Dropped him for Turbo?
  9. Fernando

    -NEWS- Badel with Bird

    Yeah he is. But I think if Brisbane can go deep into the finals (so a big if) he will be one of the best players on the field.
  10. Fernando

    -NEWS- Broncos put the feelers out for Folau

    I’d love to have him back, I think he’d still kill it, but I don’t see it happening.
  11. Fernando

    -NEWS- Badel: Seibold won't send Darius to QLD Cup

    He’s talking about McCullough, isn’t he...
  12. Fernando

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2019

    Hopefully yeah, they’d have to work on it now over the offseason with his height. But he’s always seemed better at diffusing bombs than scoring from them.
  13. Fernando

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2019

    So Daniel Tupou is now one of the most valuable players in the game huh. Do they ever get anything right?
  14. Fernando

    -NEWS- Badel: Boyd never considered quitting

    Who cares about that if you play poorly each week, isn't that the best indicator? There's plenty of players with beat up bodies still playing good football.
  15. Fernando

    Cricket General Cricket Discussion

    Is there even a specialist batsmen in the Shield putting up scores like this?

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