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    Live footage of Uncle Nick: And BSmith's manager: .. There is no way Brandon Smith would not have considered that podcast would provoke a reaction from the Storm. If I was Bellamy I'd be playing Smith 80 minutes every week with no rest at Lock and then spelling Grant at hooker instead of releasing him. Flog the **** out of him and send him to the Roosters with a concussion and a busted shoulder.
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    Fozz replied to the thread NRL Players in hot water.
    I dunno. Between the Smith/Munster "white powder substance" incident, NAS no Vax saga and this there seems to be more instability than ever before. They still have level heads in the club but not at the level of Cronk, CSmith or Slater. No doubt they'll still play at the top level but the shine is wearing off.
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    Some name recognition there but hardly the player to build a pack around.
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