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    NRL 360 "Heat to bare"

    ? Any news on what it is?
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    -NEWS- Carrigan: how low can we go?

    At full strength: 8. Lodge 9. Turpin 10. Haas 11. Glenn (c) 12. Fifita 13. Carrigan 14. Macca 15. Offa 16. Pangai 17. Isaako/Flegler/Kennedy/Hoppa The props are 100% locked in and there’s no way that Glenn doesn’t start being Captain. This leaves one edge spot and lock. Fifita will surely be...
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    PRE-GAME NRL Round 1 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    Dobbo on Triple M this morning saying 100% Glenn won’t play and Cardigan will be captain. Also said the bench is almost certain to be Isaako, McCullough, Kennedy and Hopoate.
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    -NEWS- New GI, the new Wendell and also Folau

    1. Bird 2. Oates 3. Boyd 4. Staggs 5. Isaako ??? Bird has been training at FB and will spend time there in the trial... If he’s fit enough I actually don’t mind it.
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    -NEWS- Joe Ofahengaue charged for alcohol related offence in a vehicle

    I'm very glad he didn't drive, but there's every chance he would have still been well over the limit once he woke up in the morning and drove home anyway. It's not like he couldn't have afforded an Uber home...
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    OFFICIAL Congrats Alex Glenn Captain 2020

    I think Croft would assume leadership being the one who is running the plays, but it'll be interesting to find out.
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    VOTE 2020 Captain: make your prediction.

    Dobbo reporting on Triple M that Boyd and Glenn will be co-captains, but he sees it as an 'insurance policy'. Also interesting is that he mentioned Turpin is in line for the starting 9, even though McCullough is winning all the drills...
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    Player physiques - Pre Season

    He's been in that good paddock for the pre-season. Waste of money.
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    -NEWS- Fifita: unfit

    For some reason I've been thinking that Dearden will be the number 7 understudy to Croft and O'Sullivan (when fit) would be the understudy to Milf at number 6. Dearden is more of an organiser and traditional 7, whereas O'Sullivan looked good on the left running the ball when given the...
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    -NEWS- 2020 spines ranked

    Croft wasn't given the opportunity to conduct in Melbourne. That job was handled by one C. Smith who didn't allow Croft to play a proper half backs game.
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    Broncos 2020 Squad

    I'm not sure when the last time the team/squad was updated on the Broncos website, but Alex Glenn isn't listed at all. 😕
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    -NEWS- Badel: Isaako "locked in" as 2020 fullback

    Also on this video, check out the urgency and bullet like pass from Macca at dummy half. Sums up perfectly why he shouldn't be in the side.
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    -NEWS- Pursuit over as Broncos finally get their man

    1+1 = 47. With skills like that you could get a job writing for the Courier Fail or Telecrap!
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    -NEWS- Badel: Milford to stay

    If there's one thing I'd want our fullback to be able to nail (provided the rest of the spine do their jobs) isn't necessarily kicking in play. He needs to be sniffing around the back of the ruck and following the forwards looking for offloads. If the spine does their job properly, Milf and...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT News: the carnival is over

    That's not how copyright works. You can't buy a book and copy it word for word somewhere else. You can't buy a CD or movie and do whatever you want with it. It's the same deal as the good old days of writing essays... no direct copies of any copyright material. Paraphrasing and referencing the...

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