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    POST GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Eels, Knights and Raiders will fall away, the Sea Eagles will to, if their injuries stay as bad as they are. I see us in the 4 - 8 range myself by seasons end if we keep improving as we have over the last month.
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    Badel Warning Contract clause puts Anthony Milford on open market early

    I take it you don’t watch many of our games...
  3. Jason Simmons

    LIVE Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Sensational. Attack is still clunky but defence is amazing...
  4. Jason Simmons

    LIVE Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Defence has been great, discipline and ball handling has been rooted. Fix those up in the second half and we got dis...
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    Funny Pictures Thread

  6. Jason Simmons

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2019

    Dallin Watene-Zelezniak has been granted permission by the Panthers to negotiate with other clubs... Any interest from us? Maybe they’d like a trade with Boyd? (Please!)
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    NEWS Tevita Pangai Jr turns down NSW State of Origin chance to commit to Tonga

    Seems to me he doesn’t care as much about money as some seem to think...
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    NEWS Segeyaro wants to seal the deal

    Yep, at 28 he probably has 3-4 more years in him at best, unless he can evolve his game away from his running game and explosiveness out of dummy half. Wouldn’t be adverse to a contract extension and a bit of extra cash for him. ATM, I’d happily give him next year as well and then he can earn...
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    The Federal Election

    Don’t forget this gem from Chris Bowen, BS can’t take all the credit...
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    NEWS TPJ: I want to stay with Brisbane

    To be fair everything I have seen him say, is that he wants to stay. Others have said he wants to leave / test the market etc. Same thing happened last year. He stayed...
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    NRL Players in hot water

    Allegedly Mark Geyer’s daughter Montana Geyer was charged with Cocaine possession by police in Sydney yesterday, reported in Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph (@dailytelegraph) Tweeted: Mark Geyer’s daughter to face court for drug possession. Via @avabmorrison @BrendenHills...
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    The Federal Election

    I doubt it, I’m an admitted flip flopping voter, switching my vote between who I think will do a better job. Quite frankly I think Bananas in Pyjamas would do a better job than the current ALP, but I have voted Labor many times in the past when I thought otherwise. If the current mob had won...
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    The Federal Election

    I’m not the bemoaning about money going to private schools and talking about the rich (who are typically more highly educated than the non-rich as a generality) and then ignoring this reality and describing the LNP voter base as ‘uneducated...’ The only arrogance in this campaign IMHO has been...
  14. Jason Simmons

    The Federal Election

    Yep, the uneducated are definitely the LNP base... 🥴

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