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    Or "Hala if you hear me"
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    Round 13 - Sharks vs Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    Much improved game from McCullough. Hopefully Baptiste's presence will keep him on his toes. Gee Baptiste looks promising.
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    Corey Norman

    I thought last night was one of his better games to be honest. I do agree that playing at Queensland cup level would assist in his development though.
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    Round 12 - Sea Eagles vs Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    Baptiste looks like a talent. About the only positive to come from this game.
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    Round 10 - Panthers vs Broncos - Build Up Thread

    [icon_lol1. I was thinking the same thing today when I saw that NRMA ad!
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    Round 9 - Broncos vs Storm - Post Match Discussion

    Parker's last kick was on the more difficult side for a right-footed kicker. Yes it was an ordinary kick, but I'd hardly call it cracking under pressure. I was more disappointed with the short kickoff. Not just the execution, but I think that kicking long and trying to pin them deep would have...
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    Round 9 - Broncos vs Storm

    What a great effort from the guys tonight. Parker was in everything and Beale and Wallace were also impressive. For the young guys Hala looked the goods but Lui looked off the pace at times. Gagai's try was freakish. I think the offloads killed us and after the field goal we should've kicked...
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    Who is the best player in the game at the moment?

    I agree with those who said Smith. I think I've only ever seen him play one bad game and that was the game before the salary cap drama broke last year. Understandable really.
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    Chooseday Night Football: Lockyer

    +1 First kick return of the game, sliced right through. Needs more trinations 2004 final too.
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    Darren Lockyer from 1996 book

    Thanks, what a good read. What gets me is how together and mature he was at 19 :shock:
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    Josh Hoffman Appreciation Thread

    His defence was outstanding last night. Karmichael wouldn't have laid a hand on Bowen, let alone bring him down. Not quite in the top three fullbacks yet, but could very well be there abouts by the end of the season if he keeps improving at this rate. Was far and away our best player last night.
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    Top 20 Roo's of last 3 decades - Dean Ritchie

    Kimmorley >> Johns at test level
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    2010 Four Nations

    I'm disappointed for Glenn. As for Winterstein, good on him, but it's hard to see him getting a run with Vatuvei, Nightingale and Perrett in front of him.
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    Betting Syndicate

    I think that once these investigations are through, if any players are implicated, the NRL must come down hard on them and de-register them. Regardless of their profile. This is the only way to discourage other players with a dishonest streak from taking the risk. Unfortunately (if the current...
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    Betting Syndicate

    Unfortunately, if you stop sports betting, it will go underground which will make scandals like this more difficult to detect.

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