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    RANT Broncos Realistic Spine options for the Next year or so

    Agree ,I think this has been a major problem overlooked for quite some time . On how many occasions do we see players hogging the ball , wasting opportunities, when they should be instantly thinking of how to promote it to someone in a better position to take it , proving there's someone or two...
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    If Adam Reynolds is at all a possibility to play for the Broncos , what an opportunity. KW should seriously consider going balls out after him , an experienced pivot , is exactly what our shitshow needs right now. Pair him with a good 5/8 and we 've got a running game again and Reynolds is a...
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    PRE-GAME Round 5 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    Sorry mate , but watching Mead just looking at that high kick last night and not even contesting it says all I need to know about his commitment. It bounced and I'm pretty sure they regathered and then scored . Kevie needs to get ruthless on these blokes.
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    POST GAME Round 2 - Titans vs Broncos

    Agree but he just needs to draw and pass , he's not a junior Paulo .Hangs onto the ball too long. The forwards need to back each UP FFS and offload . At key moments there is nobody home , just spread the fucking ball , just too predictable in attack and adding no pressure , not smart football .
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    Drop milford

    Ok KW you've had your experiment with Anthony Milford , he adds fucking nothing therefore he is taking away , from every performance. Is he is just there to strategically kick and pass ? , FMD he might be expensive , but at least he's average ! NOT NRL standard , just hook him NOW . FMD...
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    PRE-GAME Round 1 - Broncos vs Eels

    What's still puzzling for me is why KW has persisted with Milford. If he turns it around , great , but watching Benji Marshall last night running to the line , it just reminded me of what we lack around the middle in good ball runners. Hope we can combine and assert a competitive edge tonight...
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    LIVE 2021 Trial #2 - Broncos vs Cowboys [LIVE STREAM]

    Can any of these broncos forwards draw and pass ? Still this one up shit still way too much tonight . Just a trial but very disappointing predictable same old shit .
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    LIVE 2021 Trial #1 - Broncos vs Wynnum Manly [LIVE STREAM]

    Difficult to see from ground level ,but first half Seagulls haven't had the lion share of possession but i think look just as or more dangerous in attack , look good out wide as well . Broncos defense looks a bit ordinary . Walsh, Nui and Tass playing well. Broncos conceding too much...
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    -NEWS- TPJ: some of us are looking at the stars

    If the TPJ's attitude is sincere , it will be interesting to see If KW can get all these blokes mentally and physically adept to his plan , because not until their all onboard , with a consolidated roster can the Kevolution begin .
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    Payne Haas Arrested

    Well sorry Pagey if I've offended your sensibilities about the GC ,( ok maybe southern end excluded !) but I'll stand by what I said . Yes it's everywhere, and that's a valid point , but like Holdzy said the Broncos playing group should be looking for redemption not disgrace , that's more my...
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    Payne Haas Arrested

    Of course I don't know the circumstances, but FFS , young NRL players - sense of entitlement - Gold Coast is the perfect recipe for your absolute demise . Kevie better get a handle on enforcing the Riot Act or any off field shit of any kind - your gone . Sorry but from the high tide line back...
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    -NEWS- Broncos to sign Albert Kelly and David Mead

    I just hope Kevie isn't trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear with Milford , because he'll soon find himself trying to polish a turd . Having said that , knowing what he has produced , get him fit and motivated, if that's even still possible and hopefully we'll see some of his old form...
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    OFFICIAL Broncos sign Dale Copley

    Not the killer 3/4 I would have thought for the gig ,hope he aims up under Kevie , not enough mongrel in him for mine .
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    Broncos positivity thread

    Well being at the bottom , it's positively all up from here . I'm thinking KW is the most positive thing this year and what he brings , and I agree with Foordy the fact our roster has indeed a lot of promise . I think a good pommie import or two or ex NRL players looking to come back to play...
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    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Congrats Qld ,outstanding performance . I thought Josh Papali was their series consistent best , possibly at his fittest ever , playing i think his best football ever, terrific footballer . The inclusion of Harry Grant and the Munster back brought the X factor to the Qld game. All the forwards...
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