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    Payne Haas Arrested

    Well sorry Pagey if I've offended your sensibilities about the GC ,( ok maybe southern end excluded !) but I'll stand by what I said . Yes it's everywhere, and that's a valid point , but like Holdzy said the Broncos playing group should be looking for redemption not disgrace , that's more my...
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    Payne Haas Arrested

    Of course I don't know the circumstances, but FFS , young NRL players - sense of entitlement - Gold Coast is the perfect recipe for your absolute demise . Kevie better get a handle on enforcing the Riot Act or any off field shit of any kind - your gone . Sorry but from the high tide line back...
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    -NEWS- Broncos to sign Albert Kelly and David Mead

    I just hope Kevie isn't trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear with Milford , because he'll soon find himself trying to polish a turd . Having said that , knowing what he has produced , get him fit and motivated, if that's even still possible and hopefully we'll see some of his old form...
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    OFFICIAL Broncos sign Dale Copley

    Not the killer 3/4 I would have thought for the gig ,hope he aims up under Kevie , not enough mongrel in him for mine .
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    Broncos positivity thread

    Well being at the bottom , it's positively all up from here . I'm thinking KW is the most positive thing this year and what he brings , and I agree with Foordy the fact our roster has indeed a lot of promise . I think a good pommie import or two or ex NRL players looking to come back to play...
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    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Congrats Qld ,outstanding performance . I thought Josh Papali was their series consistent best , possibly at his fittest ever , playing i think his best football ever, terrific footballer . The inclusion of Harry Grant and the Munster back brought the X factor to the Qld game. All the forwards...
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    POST GAME Game III Discussion

    Cometh the moment , cometh the Munster! .
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    POST GAME Game II Discussion Thread

    If this brings out a bit of mongrel in Payne Hass then this is perfect pre season training for the Broncos . Just as long as he and the TPJ can use their aggressiveness in their play and keep it under control , will be good muscle memory up the middle , for next season. !
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    POST GAME Game II Discussion Thread

    likewise the Munster.
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    POST GAME Game II Discussion Thread

    Drop Hunt and Sami not State of origin standard I believe . Edric Lee to the wing
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    This is the hope that KW will inspire them and get them playing their best football, with the best combinations , combined with better fitness levels and commitment , and that alone should make them competitive again . I'm sure the players he chooses will be fit for purpose and willing to...
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    Religion and Politics

    Look FFS Trump is taking a shotgun to the shed wall and then painting targets around the bullet holes. He is the only fraud in this US election and now he's like a carcass swinging in the breeze and the sycophantic suck holes that follow him won't cut him down . He must be demented, he can't...
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    LIVE NRL 2020 Grand Final

    Just hope it's a good quality close game, locked up at the 79th , but Mansour sticks one on the stripe at the death, or that prick Cleary slots a one pointer, that'll do me . All cameras then pan to Cam Smiths face , so yeah **** Melbourne . Go the Broncos NRLW
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    OFFICIAL The Kevolution - (Walters new coach of the Broncos)

    Yes good recruiting choice .
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    OFFICIAL The Kevolution - (Walters new coach of the Broncos)

    A few good Parra players off contract apparently , Andrew Davey is worth looking at as well .

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