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    NEWS Broncos, Titans told to step up and ensure game is not forgotten in Brisbane’s western corridor

    Perfect response. The NRL are nothing in Melbourne and have poured a shitload of resources in to the Storm, and what actual growth have they achieved in Victoria? Zero. No one there cares. If they want to keep the AFL at bay, they sure as **** better come to the party with the Broncos to make...
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    2022 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

    Probably trying to bring in some nostalgia for the long-term fans, try to push the emotion so they don't go wandering off to the Plastics. Unfortunately it looks fucking awful beneath the horse head, does not tie in together at all.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins are NRL's 17th Team

    The head of the Redcliffe bid said that they'll be keeping the red & white but adding a third colour. Logic for me suggests they'd want the grey of the dolphin. But who knows what they'll end up with.
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2022

    Just when you think there are no more obscure ex-Broncos for the Dragons to sign, out struts Moga. I'm just waiting for Daniel Vidot to give up on his wrestling dream and sign with the Red V.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins are NRL's 17th Team

    Probably the right call in terms of a team that is effectively already set up. But I really think they needed to capture the non-brisbane, rural-type fans. From Ipswich all the way out west and north. I know shitloads of fans who simply don't identify with the "glamour" of the Broncos and have...
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    Dave Donaghy interview

    Yeah, words are good, but they need to follow that up with the effort and the saturation. Last year when my son was playing footy, at the carnivals it was all Titans promotional material, despite being Broncos heartland. That was so disappointing to see, we have the resources to absolutely...
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2022

    Good point. After Munster's comments it was just kind of accepted that Munster will be one of their first signings. Will Wayne want him? Especially as Munster seems to have gone in to cruise mode, is he looking to play a Fifita brand of comfortable footy for a million a year?
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2022

    I'm pretty sure the Bulldogs also had a bunch of really shit overpriced contracts they were still paying, like a considerable portion of Mmbop's salary while he played for th Tigers.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins are NRL's 17th Team

    Good point, I like your reasoning. Dobbo said this morning that the teams were hesitant to embrace the new deal as they thought they'd be getting less money, but apparently they'll end up getting more. So maybe it worked?
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    NEWS Reece Walsh sells his soul to Warriors. No big deal.

    One game suspension (likely a trial game). Way to crack down hard NRL.
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2022

    I can't argue with either of those points, I'm just trying to look at it from their point of view to see their reasoning. The one reason that would make the most sense is that Reynolds is indeed critically busted, but that seems to have been denied repeatedly.
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2022

    In fairness, Reynolds has been bashed around from being in the NRL since a younger age. Walker didn't play first grade until 25? It's not necessarily the age of the player, it's how "aged" they are from the NRL.
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    NRL 2021 Grand Final

    That is not how it has been refereed all year. There have been multiple times where players have slipped or been going to ground and if they've been hit high the referees have said every time that it doesn't matter, it's on the defender to not hit a player high.
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    NEWS Roster Tracker for 2022 and beyond

    I understand why the Broncos didn't get in to a bidding war over Gagai, but the more I've watched of him this year, the more I've admired his competitiveness and effort. It was certainly true a few years ago that Club Gagai and Qld Gagai were two different players, but I don't think it's the...
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