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    Dare to Dream: Just what if we beat the Eels.....and made it to the GF

    Then if we beat Melbourne we play Roosters
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    OPINION Tallis is a flog

    I can actually throw a bit of personal experience in here. Was in a pub in Sydney 'working remotely' one day and happened to pick the same pub that he and Hodgo and Yvonne Samson were having beers at. Yvonne spoke the least, Hodgo had a bit to say but Gordon was loving the old hit your arm with...
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    -NEWS- Boyd Urged to Consider Early Retirement

    I thought that only counted in the current season unless medically retired. A few blokes have run of to super league early and freed up can for their clubs, what's the difference in exiting your contact for no money. Interesting
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    -NEWS- Boyd calls time on Broncos fullback career

    That headline will cause joy closely followed by disappointment
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    -NEWS- Young Star Coates Signs Upgraded Deal

    Do they post those videos every time someone debuts?
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    PRE-GAME Round 16 - Sharks vs Broncos

    Just play like you care ffs
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    POST GAME Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Didn't even bother with the second half. Did I wake up in a nightmare? This is easily our worst season for at least a long time, if not ever
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    VOTE Who should play for our right center?

    out of the Rooster's cap
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    PRE-GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Is the banner bet on with the warriors forum?
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    PRE-GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Out resting or by injury?
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    PRE-GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    I had almost rid myself of some of those memories and you've gone and opened the wounds. Aaah it stings!
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    PRE-GAME Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

    Yeah ease up on the name calling and swearing at other forum members. At first I thought AISGI was straight trolling but a couple times they've shown they're just passionate and happy to take a ribbing as well.
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    PRE-GAME Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

    Just to add to the banter....What's the difference between an arsonist and St George? An arsonist wouldn't waste 25 matches
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    PLAYER Jamayne Isaako

    Love Jamayne's roadrunneresque move when he receives the ball and floats with both feet off the ground for a split second and then hits the afterburners!
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    POST GAME Round 9 - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    You know me too well!

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