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    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Recommencing

    I think he's probably referring to the symptoms one feels due to the immune response to the vaccine. It isn't "sickness" per se, but there can be an exaggerated immune response to the vaccine. However, this would more than likely be a far lesser response than that of the actual (live) virus...
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    Round 9 Historical Match - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    This is my all time favourite game. This was amazing.
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    PRE-GAME Round 9 Historical Match - Rabbitohs vs Broncos

    Reed was all effort. He was such a joy to watch!
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    TPJ....Grub, or not?

    I made a couple of similar comments in defense of TPJ in the reddit thread. Most had similar black and white responses: "just needed to put a hand on him" or "contact with the head". I'm glad to see I wasn't alone in thinking it was over hyped. Fact is, TPJ was already committed to a tackle...
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    POST GAME Round 25 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

    Wonder if some of the older boys are hearing what the team is telling them...
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    Full strength lineup round 1 2020

    I agree. But to be fair Dearden's job was to pull heat from Milf, organise the line and the play and give a kick option. He stood up and did that admirably. He gave Milf way more freedom while he was at 6. SOS played much more direct and Turpin is simply playing gun out of position.
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    POST GAME Round 18 - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    Fairweather fans are like that. They get the cheap drinking section tickets and wonder why people are loud and swearing. Meanwhile you're there trying to have a good time and vent the work week away. Suncorp should inform people better about the drinking sections though.
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    POST GAME Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    I actually thought the same. He would be a great buy.
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    POST GAME Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    From what I can see, it looks as though it takes a long time for the boys to switch on. This is a huge problem. There is still desire there, but it is misplaced or misdirected. My advice for the players would be as follows: 1. Darius Boyd - Take a break. There is no shame in that. You possibly...
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    LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    I think there is a difference between supporting a team and being disappointed or disgusted in the playing group. I love the Broncos. But at the moment, the players don't play like the Broncos I love. There are some that I enjoy watching but as a whole, there is a serious disconnect.
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    LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    I think that might be enough for Boyd to realise he is past it.
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    LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    The coaching really needs to be simplified. It isn't even that hard. 1. Forwards need to run straight and hard back into the middle with a focus on quick play-the-ball, not so much offloads. 2. Ruck speed at Dummy-half needs to be helped by everyone knowing their job. 3. Backs need to just talk...
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    LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Hello darkness, my old friend
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    LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    iT's In HiS FaVOuR! Just terrible team management.

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