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    Just watched the interview with Ryan ,,, he said "love the facilities here .. they feed you .. they give you towels" ... wtf did he get at the Titans .. food stamps and a hair dryer !!?? :rofl
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    Yep ... and those 100 cracks will be even more potent if the boys really start to play to their potential next season, the results start coming and we become a feared outfit again. The fans start returning in numbers and the Cauldron starts to bubble again ... if and when these things come around (and there's no reason they shouldn't) these young blokes will have become a unit and thoughts of joining Flipper and his mates up the coast will become pale in comparison.
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    ozzball reacted to ivanhungryjak's post in the thread Off-Season with Like Like.
    Looks like you did - he’s on a train and trial.
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    ozzball replied to the thread Off-Season.
    Is that Tyrone Roberts ?? ... sorry did I miss something ?
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    No, but neither is Cobbo.. doesn't stop the majority of people on here selecting him at fullback. I do think he will be a great player for it takes time to get there You watch enough highlight reels you will convince yourself that anyone is ready for the NRL

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