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    Who are the most overrated players out the the current Broncos squad?

    That bold sentence right there is exactly the issue. The million dollar price tag is not because he has to be able to run the team, but because of his talent and ability to break a game and do things very few players can. Locky, Thurston and Johns are on a different level and would command...
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    Who are the most overrated players out the the current Broncos squad?

    Yeah, I'm on this wagon as well. People keep banding on about how he should perform according to the money he makes, but forget that what was asked of him in the Bennett years, was akin to demand from an architect to be an expert civil engineer, because if you earn top dollar designing...
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    PRE-GAME Round 3 - Broncos vs Eels

    Fifita out for 5-6 weeks is the only not so good news... looking forward to this clash to get a better idea where we are.
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    PLAYER Who is your favourite Bronco for 2020?

    Too hard to pick one, but Staggs is up there with Haas, Fifita and Patty, who is quickly becoming a fav of mine. I may have to fight @Wolfie ... 🤪 I really hope Milf goes back in time and re-captures the form he had before WB tried to turn him into a round (pun intended) peg and force him...
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    NRL Players in hot water

    Aha, interesting application of the proverb... 😉 Certainly apt!
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    NRL Players in hot water

    Probably his demise too...
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    NRL Players in hot water

    You may well be right, but I highly doubt it. If that was indeed his priority, why wouldn't he look at the opportunity offered to him to run the Broncos Football Dept, where he could truly excel and have an even greater influence on what happens with/to these young men than as the head coach?
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    Credit where credit's due

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    NRL Players in hot water

    Agreed. I am far from a Wayne fan, but I don't think this is something he should be blamed for. He has always looked really well after his players, but Roberts is a headcase with mental demons that require help well beyond Bennett's expertise IMO...
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    VOTE Anthony Milford's future

    Not implying that Milf is at Locky's level (no one is), but that is what was being said about Locky before 2006 as well... just saying.
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    VOTE Anthony Milford's future

    This... needs that option.
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    Funny Pictures Thread

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    -OFFICIAL- NRL Season Recommencing

    Spot on! I would add that given the amount of flu vaccines given each year, it is statistically certain that some people will experience some "flu like" symptoms within a short time of taking the vaccine, and attribute the cause to said vaccine, when it is in fact nothing more than coincidence...
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I didn't accuse anyone of being an anti-vaxxer here, nor did I even try to imply it. I would appreciate if you didn't put words into my mouth. Many people justifiably hesitate or question the procedure because they don't know the facts about vaccines and it is naturally scary to get something...
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Yes, without a doubt. The tests and trials a vaccine goes through before it's offered to the public, make it one of, if not the safest medical procedure there is. Despite what the idiotically dangerous anti-vaxxers would have you believe, the risk associated with a vaccine is less than one in a...

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