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    Who should be our fullback

    For those who remember me, when milf signed at the broncos I said bennett would ruin his career by moving him to 6 I also said macca was the worst 9 in the comp I also said boyd was a piece of shit and should never have come back. I was told i was an idiot, not a fan, and i had no idea what i...

    State of Origin Maroon emerging squad

    I have to wonder if this would have happened under Mal. Sure, boys will be boys and stuff up like this, but i wonder if the rules had come from an imposing figure like Mal, would they have been broken? Maybe there is no fear / respect to walters from the younger guys?

    State of Origin Maroon emerging squad

    Looks like hunt and milford are about to cop bans. Napa almost mentioned

    RUMOUR James Roberts to Broncos

    Those saying all roberts has is speed have clearly not watched him closely. The guy busts tackles like Hurrell. He is deceptively strong and a lot of his tries have come off the back of him busting through the intial tackle, then burning the support defenders with speed. The guy is a gun and...

    Cards Against Humanity

    I got the main set from the site, then bought all the expansions from ebay. The expansions i got arent legit (altho they claim to be) as they are printed on really thin card, but meh, they look identical otherwise. Pretty goddamn fun! You can also play online (unofficial) at Pretend You're Xyzzy

    NRL Players in hot water

    How ridiculous that he gets this suspension while Gallen and the rest of the sharks get slaps on the wrist. By the sounds of things, Earl had even less knowledge about what he was doing being illegal. He took the drugs to help his injury, where the sharks systematically took them to enhance...

    POST MORTEM. Cowboys Broncs Grand Final.

    Lockyer was the best player i had ever seen play the game. Until JT came along. All this talk of "he hasnt lead his team to many premierships" is rubbish. One man doesnt make a team. One man cant carry a team to a title. Lockyer was the best at chiming in when he needed to. He was the...

    GF Tickets - FOR SALE

    A mate of mine also needs to offload some grand final tickets. Details are: Section 628-12, Row 26, Seats 15 + 16. Asking price: $320 for both tickets. Not selling for a profit. PM me if you are interested

    The Wayne Bennett Super thread!

    Just thought I'd make an appearance in this thread to reiterate.... I was very very very wrong. Bennett has done exceptionally well this year. Milford and hunt are the best halves combo without a doubt and teddy Blair is playing like a grizzly Blair! Boyd is playing brilliantly as...

    Handy app i made for fantasy footy players!

    Cheers mate. I am actually looking at linking it up with myfantasyleague, so you put ur device id into ur account on mfl, and it will automatically update your team on the app. Maybe in a future release

    Handy app i made for fantasy footy players!

    Hey guys Was going to post this in the SVRL forum, but i think more people will find this useful! I have just released an iphone app that will send you notifications when a player in your team makes a big fantasy play, such as scoring a try, or getting a try assist. Yes, it is iphone only...

    SPLIT Best Back Threes

    While i mostly agree with the rest of your analysis, i found this one just too crazy to comprehend. Sure, boyd is one of the best at his peak, but maranta and kahu could be replaced with nearly any winger from another nrl team IMO. Tomkins, Vatuvei and Lolohea RTS, SKD and Tupou (dont rate...


    Great video!! As good as any highlight reel will be, no video will ever depict just how dominant we were in that game. You can show all the tries and big hits but you just cant portray how we just totally owned all 80 minutes


    Thats impressive. He really did streak away from them with ease didnt he.

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