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    -NEWS- Badel: Seibold won't send Darius to QLD Cup

    Our record against the Storm since '15 is stuffed because they simply and efficiently identify and exploit our endemic weakness: shitty slow marker defence and porous edge defence. When our defence was great in '15, we stuck it to them. It's not rocket science and Seibs has to pull his head in...
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    Most Prized Broncos Possession

    Well, it ain't much but ... my Broncos cup. It's never less than half full, but next season, it will be FULL all season :happy: YAY!
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    -NEWS- Pursuit over as Broncos finally get their man

    This is a good read about Bennett and his views on Milf:
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    -NEWS- Broncos put the feelers out for Folau

    The problem with this is that Folau's posts are a call to violence, moral violence against gays. When I read them, I think of say, all the gay soldiers, men and women, who fought in countless wars, and gave their lives for our freedom, roasting in hell. And of course there are no gay Broncos...
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    -NEWS- Training report

    "Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Piebald, seen here at the Broncos Annual Fashion Awards, today bridled at suggestions of neigh-sayers of his teams's 2020 season chances saying instead "we will win in a canter ...." Source: The Daily Telecrap - the paper you can thrust ... Ok ok, how about ...
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    Broncos 2020 Squad

    Looks promising, hey
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    -NEWS- Badel: Milford to stay

    I am talking about positional play as much as ball skills. For mine, a good FB has good ball playing skills. It's part of the FB's arsenal these days. They don't have to be the "greatest" ball playing skills whatever that means, just that they can pass the ball outside and inside after...
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    -NEWS- Badel: Milford to stay

    I understand that Isaako was FB of the year in the ISC a few years ago. That bodes well for him being given a go at the back next year. From where I sit I will be most interested in his positional play, particularly defensive reads and how well he plays as a 2nd 5/8
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    -NEWS- Badel: Milford to stay

    HAHAHAHAHA .... priceless
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    -NEWS- Training report

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    -NEWS- Training report

    I just hope he is not a Dave Taylor Mk II
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    -NEWS- Croft 'honoured to be a Bronco'

    We got mauled this year because of our shoddy, shitty defence out wide, Isaako again consistently standing up to 5m in from his wing, and being caught out, and sloppy marker defence up the middle, exactly what Smith exploits so well. 😒 The Storm standard formula is so simple. Fast play the...
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    -NEWS- Croft 'honoured to be a Bronco'

    With Croft delivering the money ball
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    Boyd can fire for Broncos at wing or centre: Hodges

    Great post and absolutely agree with everything you say.
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    -NEWS- Badel: Alfie offers to mentor Croft

    Absolutely, and I am thus expecting Milf to recapture his best form like in 2015. I believe we will soon end up having the best halves pairing in the league if Milf does play 6

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