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    -NEWS- Andrew McCullough’s complicated contract a headache for Broncos

    My rant was not just a McCullough thing it was a rant in general about players who have provided outstanding service to the club but when it starts going South a lot of outsiders/supporters seem to think they don't fit the team style anymore, and want to move them on. As I said if he wants to...
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    -NEWS- Segeyaro wants to seal the deal

    I say if he is only signed for 6 months then just increase his payments. Based on that game he deserves a game payment increase. It could end up like the Benji contract and if it does and Segs moves on then Goodluck to him. We still have McCullough and young Turpin, we'll be fine. And if Segs...
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    -NEWS- Andrew McCullough’s complicated contract a headache for Broncos

    All I can say is you all suck! And you lot have no understanding of loyalty & Yous obviously don't give a rat's about our players? We get pissed off with players who jump ship to chase the dollars. And supporters like you lot are showing your true colours when it comes to our boys. It makes me...
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    Anthony Seibold wipes Wayne Bennett’s legacy from Red Hill

    Oh boowoo, please he took stuff of the walls and replaced it with his stuff Grow the f**K up could you, the only thing Broncs supports care about are results.........and Wayne Bennett[emoji106]

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