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  1. POST GAME Finals Week One - Eels vs Broncos

    Only good thing from today is that if the board can not undergo a significant review of the club and be ruthless with the recommendations.
  2. PRE-GAME Finals Week 1 - Eels vs Broncos

    A bit off the topic, where’s Xavier Coates. Not mentioned in Q Cup finals.
  3. POST GAME Round 25 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

    Holy ****. What just happened. So much to play for and they do this shit.
  4. PRE-GAME Round 24 - Broncos vs Eels

    Very limited structure tonight. Need a 5/8 that plays structure. We don’t have one in our roster.
  5. PRE-GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    TPJ won’t be suspended. Gleam and Gillett back. Confident
  6. POST GAME Round 22 - Broncos vs Panthers

    Great win tonight but some serious decisions need to be made. Firstly Shibasaki cannot continue in the NRL. Again tonight’s poor decision had the risk of pain 12 point turn around against us. Perese deserves a chance.
  7. PRE-GAME Round 22 - Broncos vs Panthers

    **** off Shibasaki. Dearden to half and SOS to 5/8. Boyd to centre because we fucking have no choice.
  8. LIVE Round 21 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    Shibasaki has dropped the ball three times in the first half. Has not scored in his NRL career. The times he’s been open to score he has dropped the ball. **** me. There has to be someone else.
  9. PRE-GAME Round 21 - Cowboys vs Broncos

    You Shibs followers have a fucking good look at yourselves
  10. POST GAME Round 17 - Broncos vs Warriors

    I can’t see the point of resting Oates. Given the importance of this game, why would he be rested unless he sustained a significant injury. Very poor coaching performance
  11. LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Come on enough is enough. Boyd goodbye
  12. LIVE Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Absolutely disgusting performance. Love my team but hate what they are producing. Thank god there is a second half.
  13. Broncos young gun Xavier Coates to cap spectacular rise with international debut

    He was not overawed against Samoa despite the team full of NRL stars. Was very strong in defence despite his lighter frame. Does remind me of Inglis as Greg was very slight until his early 20’s. Develop him carefully and he could be anything.
  14. PRE-GAME Round 14 - Eels vs Broncos

    Is it worth putting Isaako in the centres and Herbie on the wing?
  15. POST GAME Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Great win but Shibasaki cannot keep his place in front of Roberts. Siebold has made a stance and now after the bye Roberts needs to be back in the centres. Keep Isaako as he will turn but to leave Roberts out of our side is completely nuts.

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