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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I know one person with it.
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    China and the CCP

    Sure, why not? Obviously, I have a far stronger affinity towards China than most on here but I genuinely think they do a lot of things better than the west do. They also do get a lot of things wrong for sure. But I will leave it there, I genuinely try not to be political.
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    China and the CCP

    Why though does the US say get a free pass despite all their human rights abuses, lies, etc then? Doesn't seem particularly fair.
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    This is from The Guardian: "AAP reports that NSW police have already had to arrest someone for repeatedly ignoring the restrictions: Seriously, it is these kinds of people that have made it keep spreading in many places while restrictions are in place. What a selfish idiot.
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    This government app @Nashy mentioned is pretty good, good way to get more accurate information as opposed to the hysteria rubbish.
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    BHQ Survivor 2020

    In like a donut
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    Suspended Round 3 - Titans vs Broncos

    TPJ gets extra weeks added for existing...and he gets blamed for starting to virus by hitting O'Neill through to China.
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    *Jobseekers* and *help needed*

    If anyone can teach PM me.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    Did he know what he was coaching? That’s the important question.
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    Credit to him, he had the time looking great guns.
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    Lock Down Trivia

    Which NRL competition needed to die and be reborn anyway?
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I'm sorry but all this talk of sticks just results in me thinking this:
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    The thing is though, even in Wuhan, people were still allowed out to get food, go to supermarkets, etc. And according to my sources, etc, China has had a massive loss of jobs as well. The economy does need to be seriously considered. I do agree that this is a duel crisis, both economic and...
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    Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I think he is doing his best given the circumstances. He isn't a medical expert and is going on advice he is given, isn't that what he should be doing?
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    NRL Rumour and Movements - 2020

    Frizell is an absolute gun. Would take him in a heartbeat. I'd find it hard to find 10 better forwards in the game: 1. Haas 2. JT2 After that, he is definitely in the conversation. Brisbane's pack obviously has potential on their side but in terms of second rowers even, he is in the...

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