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    PLAYER Who is your favourite Bronco for 2020?

    Torn between Carrigan and Flegler with that ridiculous step he has
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    Who are the most overrated players out the the current Broncos squad?

    It’s hard to tell if Turpin is good or it’s just the forward pack and him not throwing passes behind or above receiving players that makes him look good He is also quite the competitor which earns him points. He’s safe for now especially with Paix not getting a solid year in Q Cup like they...
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    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    Te’o around the group would only be beneficial, training next to a pro with such experience and toughness can only be helpful to the younger players. I would be all for it for $100k especially towards the end of the year where his experience could really benefit us. I know he left the broncos...
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    Suspended Round 3 - Titans vs Broncos

    It had been quite a while since we won 13+, I would love to see 50-0 but we aren’t there in defence or attack yet. I would say a big step in the right direction would be a scoreline like 38-10, An improvement in both Categories from our current norm. We have scored 30 or more only once under...
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    POST GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    flegler has his best game he and Carrigan could make origin with this form isaako must be surprising himself with two great Games. Confident under the high ball, looking to put something on on kick returns, sniffing around the ruck and even fluency in passing on the edges, good on him. if they...
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    LIVE Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    Why is it the old boys stinking it up
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    LIVE Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    if these forwards keep this up we will loose half of them to origin this yesr
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    Rnd #1 Broncos line-up

    also let sua go too
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    Rnd #1 Broncos line-up

    Just shows our lack of depth in the forwards. I just can’t see how that bench would work especially without lodge
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    Broncos 2020 Squad

    Was trying to find someone who you could compare bird‘s playing style to, he’s not an Inglis, Slater or Ponga but I am hoping he can be a new Hodges. Hodges, with his strength and competitiveness, was a our X-factor. When he played fullback in attack in 2014 he could barely run but he made...
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    Broncos 2020 Squad

    No that is out of the: ‘18 year old rookie playmaker backing himself during a TRIAL match in poor weather conditions with an opposing rookie edge pairing getting off their line fast’ playbook Definitely not something to write him off over, if anything should be commended. And I will defend Ben...
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    -NEWS- Sunday Mail: Fifita still dithering

    We are in trouble, Dobbo on the radio today confirmed Fifita will re-sign. Also said they are already well into negotiations....but then it will be finalised in a few months?
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    Nines / Trial Games

    still faster than Boyd. someone had to say it. I remember watching bird in the u20’s where he was named at lock for the dragons but got moved to fullback before kick off and he absolutely destroyed our u20’s, it was one of the most dominant Individual performances I had seen. Having said that...
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    Nines / Trial Games

    A positional change of significance by the looks of it Glenn will move to the right and Fifita will get to stay on the left. Glenn has been our left second rower for what 8 seasons? A Croft/Glenn combo might work in both their favours to be fair
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    Broncos 2020 Squad

    I was pro five-eighth for a long time but with Milf at the back the biggest pro is we can have Dearden in the team. I think Croft will do wonders but I don’t want to see Dearden go either and that spine would solve that eventual problem

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