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    Nokia Lumia & Windows Phone 8 Devices

    Re: Your Mobile Phone(s) WP8HQ. Lumia's equally awesome cousin the 8x still need love.
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    Player Movements and Rumours 2012

    Like a dwarf among midgets.
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    If you could sign anyone to the club who doesn't play in the halves, who would it be?

    Re: If you could sign anyone to the club who doesn't play in the halves, who would it Cameron Smith. Tempted to name a player who could fix a position that we are weaker in (like FB), but hard to go past Smith. Could even play him in the halves..
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    Your Mobile Phone(s)

    I'm loving the size of the 8X. Wasn't sure if I would like it coming from the smaller HTC Mozart (3.7 v 4.3), but I couldn't go back now. Actually feels smaller in pocket also.
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    Your Mobile Phone(s)

    $11 with Vaya. $500 value and 1.5GB.
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    Same as this year. Anzac test, U20s Origin and City/Country on a standalone weekend.
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    Your first mobile phone

    Which makes me wonder why so many people had cases for them. To protect the ground?
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    What does your name mean? Can't argue.. I guess. Less interesting:
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    Your Mobile Phone(s)

    Got a HTC 8X today. Like it so far. Loving the increased screen size from my old HTC Mozart.
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    folau coming back to NRL

    Did he need to average 2 tries a game to be worthwhile? It would have been nice to have him for more than 2 years, but I think he was worth the money.
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    Scott Prince Is Back - OFFICIAL!

    Don't like this. Seriously dislike Prince and don't see much value in signing him.
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    New Rules

    Couldn't you just do that manually? Say "fridge" was a bad word that was censored, couldn't you just write "f****"?
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    Scott Prince Is Back - OFFICIAL!

    Re: Scott Prince Not so sure I would say he is better than Wallace. He was at least equally useless for a period last year, before he got a 5/8. Similar to how Wallace seemed to go downhill when his 5/8 went MIA (presumed dead).
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    Players you'd like to see at the Broncos?

    Wouldn't be upset to see Matt Scott.
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    Australia vs New Zealand - Kick-Off is 6:30PM QUEENSLAND TIME!

    I can understand Williams getting selected, because he really was pretty good last year for Aus. What I can't understand how he got so many minutes despite being flatout garbage. I guess I'm alone in this one. Probably the rest of the season clouding my memory.

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