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    Dally M Thread

    Jamal Idris rookie of the year. How was it not Dugan??
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    Lockyer's 300th game

    I thought this subject needed it's own thread. Locky has been fantastic for this club and by the end of his career could be considered the greatest broncos player ever. Congratulations Lockyer, I hope the boys can lift for you and get you a win on your 300th game. Here's a nice little tribute...
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    Queensland Preliminary Squad There are some interesting selections and omissions there. Michaels and Ballin could consider themselves lucky and on the other hand Kenny and Friend can feel hard done by. I thought Friend would be the next hooker in line after Smith, but obviously...
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    Provan Summons Award

    I noticed on the NRL site today that they have a new method of awarding the Provan Summons award for fan's choice player of the year. In the past it was just a matter of everyone voting for their favourite player but this year they've introduced a system where fans can vote their 3, 2, 1 each...

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