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    Broncos Vs. Penrith Match Thread

    You want to know why I'm happy? Not a single forward pass from dummy half. I'll give half the credit to PJ and half to the rest of the pack for better timed runs. Thorn and Carlaw were notorious for these bad habits last year.
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    Anthony Minichiello, best in the world??

    Although Hunt is a slouch by comparison, Minichello just doesn't have the speed he used to have, as evidenced by the bombed try tonight. I do rate Hunt's playmaking ability, leadership and tenacity above Minichello, and rightfully deserving of the Aussie jumper. Stewart, Mckinnon, Slater would...
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    Isaac Luke (Spoiler) & the 10 change rule.

    For those who watched the Souths vs Roosters game - Isaac Luke was beyond brilliant in a beaten side. If there was ever a more clear decision for man of the match, this was it. Who actually decides the CH9 man of the match? The commentators? I think this season's 10 interchange rule will mean...

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