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  1. Charmamba

    Idea: Player punishments

    I was thinking about the punishment for Jennings and how much of a waste it is fining a player and came up with this idea. The NRL needs to stop handing out fines to players and start using community work instead. Got on the piss game night? Forget the $5,000 fine, instead you're doing 5 days...
  2. Charmamba

    NBA 2014 off-season discussion (Draft, trades, free agents, it's all happening)

    It's that wonderful time of the season when anything can happen and teams start discussing trades, as a Lakers fan it's going to be an interesting time with a few rumours popping up regarding that 7th pick. Rumour 1: Nash and the 7th Pick to the 76ers in return for Michael Carter-Williams and...
  3. Charmamba

    Penrith Panthers 2014 - Premiers or Pretenders?

    It's helpful when you're playing for your career, he was comfortable in Brisbane and knew he wouldn't get dropped. When we finally dropped him he had to prove himself again to a new club or his career would finishing in the SL. Watch, 2015 the Panthers will miss the 8 and Wallace will play time...
  4. Charmamba

    Rule changes you'd like to see

    As per the title, since it's the offseason I thought we could all float ideas we would like to see in the way of rule changes to the game. Be it a full change or a small tweak, what would you like to see happen? Time stopped anytime the ball is not in play, other sports have buttons on the...
  5. Charmamba

    Wallace selected for World Cup squad

    The Scotland squad that is.... Radio New Zealand : News : Sport : 4 NRL players in Scotland rugby league squad
  6. Charmamba

    NBA 13/14 Season

    I know it's not as big here as the NFL or NRL, however I know we got some followers as well. Who supports who and how do you feel about your team this season? As a Lakers fan It's going to be an interesting one, starting the season with a pretty average roster outside of the Big 3 in Nash...
  7. Charmamba

    QLD Sharks

    No Cookies | The Courier-Mail Could be interesting, Imagine Gallen playing for a QLD club. :loool:
  8. Charmamba

    MLB: A-Rod suspended for 211 games,12 others suspended for 50.

    the MLB has suspended a bunch of players over the use of performance-enhancing substances. Included is the controversial Alex Rodriguez. Major League Baseball suspends Alex Rodriguez through 2014 and 12 other for 50 games | News Yankees have been looking for a way to release him so...
  9. Charmamba

    We are a bargaining tool.

    Is it just me or do others see it this way as well? Anytime a player wants more money a move to the Broncos hits the media, we get a few articles and 20 topics on BHQ before the extend their stay at their club for twice the money and we move onto the next rumour. I'm somewhat over the...
  10. Charmamba

    NBA 2013/14 Season

    Alright this season ended without a winner (that i'll recognize anyway :001_tt2:) The draft has been and gone with Cleveland using a random number generator to make the #1 pick. Free agency is now open, Boston traded away half their team in return for well Wallace and Dwight Howard is teasing...
  11. Charmamba

    Players the Broncos passed on.

    It seems there are always players coming out and mentioning how the Broncos said no to them for various reasons. Instead of posting in every topic about it I thought we can flame the Broncos in a dedicated thread. (Sorry You need to be online to read this, I know DRM right?) Saw on Foxsports...
  12. Charmamba

    And another one.. George Burgess charged.

    Rabbitohs NRL player George Burgess charged over Cairns incident | What the **** is going on with these idiots?
  13. Charmamba

    NRL Draft, Would you support one?

    With all the talk of equaling out the comp and dividing the talent between teams, I'm becoming more and more in favour of the NRL have a rookie draft system. It works so well in other comps including the AFL and would be the right motivation for the NRL to invest in a real second tier as well.
  14. Charmamba

    Coach for a day, Name your team.

    You've won a fan comp and you are for one day the Broncos head coach. Using the players on the books what team would you field going against the Eels? Keep in mind the Eels aren't going well and in this magic world are no chance of beating us, the game is just a 'How much do we win by' game...
  15. Charmamba

    Rugby League Hall of Fame - BHQ Style

    Alright screw the immortals, Inducting Andrew Johns was a joke considering the players who should be ahead of him. So I thought maybe we could do our own 'Hall Of Fame' here on BHQ and give the awards a little bit more meaning and respect. Let me know if you're keen to give it a shot and submit...
  16. Charmamba

    2012/2013 NHL season

    Is anyone else into the NHL at all? Being a Lakers fan anything LA tends to become a fav of mine so the last few seasons I've been a Kings fan and with that a massive fan of Quick. Sadly however i know noone that really gives a shit about NHL :(
  17. Charmamba

    2012/2013 NBA Season

    Trades are heating up and some teams are getting an amazing group together! Dwight Howard is indeed heading to the Lakers (Pending league approval) So the starting 5 for this season looks awesome! MWP, Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Howard!
  18. Charmamba

    SBW Also heard a few whispers that SBW wants to live in QLD, the same source also told me about Inglis so expect to see...
  19. Charmamba

    Hybrid game closer to a deal. We could definitely see this game sometime in the next few years, I know 90% of BHQ will #### on the idea and complain for the...
  20. Charmamba

    Congrats Wynnum/Manly!

    There we have it Wynnum/Manly won the Q-Cup!

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