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  1. Browny

    Grand Final Day

    Watching the under 20s. Eels all over Manly but Manly being kept in it with some dubious penalties
  2. Browny

    Refereeing Attitudes

    I've been watching the way the Rugby refs have been speaking and interacting with players, it makes the NRL look amateurish and Neanderthal like. They don't tolerate the players blowing up and communicate clearly both ways. The way the discuss decisions with the TMO is the way the NRL should...
  3. Browny

    Female UFC

    Now I'm not a sexist by any means but I'm torn on watching this. On one hand I respect the skills, fitness etc involved but I don't like seeing women with bruised and bloody faces.
  4. Browny

    The shoulder charge revisited

    After 19 rounds I'm convinced that this was a knee jerk reaction that has resulted in some of the softest penalties/reports and suspensions I've ever seen. The Dugan suspension is the perfect example of both the flawed rule and the judiciary. Thoughts?
  5. Browny

    Split in the Kangaroos

    Paul Kent: State of Origin hatred spills over into Kangaroos | Basically a typical Kent article bagging out Qld and justifying the Blues thuggery
  6. Browny

    Bellamys article Bit rich of him to whinge about spirit of the game. I'm pretty sure the wrestle the storm employs negate the surrender anyway
  7. Browny

    Tour of India Anyone on here got a call from Invers it seems he's taking a cast of thousands
  8. Browny

    The DRS

    Give it to the third umpire already. The players don't have a clue how to use and the umpires still make howlers
  9. Browny

    Jorge Taufua spits on police

    Haven't got the link as I'm surprised that Kaz hasn't posted it yet. But Jorge Taufua charged with assault police ie spitting. wonder what manly will do...
  10. Browny

    Vossy v Hadley Might explain a few things about Vossy being on the outer
  11. Browny

    Finals Scenario

    Seeing as we are in the 8 on for and against what possible scenarios are there to see us make the 8? Ie what teams do we want/need to lose to help us?
  12. Browny

    Round 7 - Broncos vs Raiders - Post Match Discussion

    Round 7 Broncos v Raiders Post Match Discussion We looked crap for the first 15, awesome in parts and good in others. The back 3 were awesome soo safe under the high ball apart from that kick by Campese. Hunt and Norman wow! Wish Norman would back himself in open space. Gillett comes off...
  13. Browny

    Qld backline

    Does GI stay at left centre? Who replaces yow yeh?
  14. Browny

    Round 3 Discussion

    The beau Ryan try FMD!
  15. Browny

    The Broncoman NSW verbal diarrhea thread

    Here ya go lads a thread for you all to dribble on about NSW in.
  16. Browny

    Test Series v India

    Unless the selectors make some hard decisions then it may be a long summer Warner Watson Marsh Ponting/Khwaja Clarke Hussey Haddin/someone else Harris/Siddle Cummings Pattinson Lyon
  17. Browny

    Michael Jennings bucks worth of tickets ouch
  18. Browny

    Whats doing with Gus' hair?

    Has his hair died since he stopped dyeing it?
  19. Browny

    Rockys hurr durr thread of excuses

    1. The refs 2. The coach 3. Qld have an established team Am I missing any?
  20. Browny

    Avatar Bet

    Anyone up for it this year?
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