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  1. BroncosAlways

    20% Off Broncos Gear

    Just a heads up to anyone interested, there's currently a 20% off sale on the Broncos Superstore for all stuff except for members gear and the Members jersey. I'll be picking up one of the hoodies and a jersey, so just letting y'all know. Sale ends tomorrow night at 11:59PM, and I'll take down...
  2. BroncosAlways

    NEWS Justin Hodges to retire from Rep Footy Discuss
  3. BroncosAlways

    BroncosHQ Competition!

    Hey everyone, welcome to the new BroncosHQ competition! This time we are giving away two tickets to watch the Brisbane Broncos take on the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday the 25th of April!! All you need to do is like our Facebook page and share our competition post to enter...
  4. BroncosAlways

    Hodges to Super league

    Justin Hodges has revealed he wants to finish his career in the United Kingdom | BRONCOS veteran Justin Hodges has revealed he wants to finish his career in the United Kingdom meaning he will play into his late 30s. Despite the myriad of injuries his body has suffered, Hodges is...
  5. BroncosAlways

    Sydney Broncos Fans Commercial

    I've been contacted today to take part in a commercial for the broncos, its in the city probably around town hall on Sunday arvo. Need to bring some mates but 2 of them have just bailed on me, if anyone's interested let me know. They said they would prefer the age bracket to be around 18 - 25...
  6. BroncosAlways

    Rumour - Issac Luke to Brisbane

    Luke plays to his own beat ''My wife's from Brissie,'' the hooker says. ''We love it up there. My missus started getting homesick. I asked what she wanted to do. She said, 'Eventually, I want to go back to Brisbane.' I said I would play out these years and see how we go.'' Luke, contracted...
  7. BroncosAlways

    Pick your Marquee Player

    So been daydreaming abit about what it would be like if we actually signed a player. A marquee player, one to not only boost our performances on the field but also to attract other players to our club, bring in some passion and self-belief. Remember the days when players wanted to play for us...
  8. BroncosAlways

    New Wallabies Coach

    So I was just walking past the ARU headquarters and saw a camera crew, ( channel 7 ) and had a chat to them and they said they're about to announce Deans has been sacked. He said Mckenzie is the one to take over. Thoughts on this ? At least we'll have an aussie coach so no more excuses.
  9. BroncosAlways

    Broncos High Performance Centre

    Broncos to leave Red Hill ?? No Cookies | The Courier-Mail Surprising, opinions ?
  10. BroncosAlways

    Meninga or Griffin ?

    So everyone, with the rumours circling about Mal looking for a coaching spot, I'm wondering what everyone's opinions are Should we stick with Hook or try something new in Mal ? Personally I don't think Hook offers much at all now (except for his riveting post match conferences), and if Mal was...

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