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  1. Morkel

    OPINION Surely this is a hatchet job

    This has now gone way far past the point of surprisingly bad, it's teetering on unbelievable what is going on right now. I just can't see how this level of incompetence is anything other than deliberate, not from the entire organisation, but by a select few. You all know who I'm pointing most...
  2. Morkel

    The NRL has no money

    So what's the go with this bullshit? The NRL is effectively living week-to-week, drip-fed by the broadcast rights deal, despite getting record $$$ from the last two deals? Where the **** has the money gone? What happened to the "war chest" that they proudly spoke about a few years ago? The...
  3. Morkel

    2019 Broncos Season Review

    I'm starting it.
  4. Morkel

    Hypothetical: Who would you trade with Souths?

    Hypothetical situation. Pretend all contracts are null and void. You can choose 3 players from Souths to come to the Broncos, and 3 players to trade in return. The only caveat is that the players chosen from each team need to add up to approximately the same value on the salary cap, ie, you...
  5. Morkel

    Tallis Banner

    This is now a thing. I shall design and print, and send it to whomever wishes to hold it. WHAT WE'VE CONFIRMED: * Due to the potentially inflammatory nature of the message, BHQ can take no responsibility for it and it will be up to the banner holder to take responsibility for it. * The banner...
  6. Morkel

    2011 Manly doping allegations

    Big announcement about Manly's 2011 season coming apparently.
  7. Morkel

    VOTE Grand Final Afternoon @ Morkel's

    It is confirmed. I will be hosting a Grand Final get-together at my place for those that can't make it to Sydney (or if the Broncos don't make it to the GF). For those that didn't come last time, it's at South Maclean, which is about 15-20 minutes down the Mt Lindsay Hwy, off the Logan Motorway...
  8. Morkel

    POST GAME Round 26 - Broncos vs Storm

    Reverse score of '06 GF.
  9. Morkel

    COMP 1000 Likes Celebration Competition

    BHQ are proud to announce that we've hit 1000 Likes on Facebook! To celebrate, we're giving away an official Brisbane Broncos-branded Steeden football. All you need to do is Like BroncosHQ on Facebook, Like the competition post, and share it with your friends. As always, the competition is open...
  10. Morkel

    COMP June Competition

    WIN THIS OFFICIALLY LICENSED BRISBANE BRONCOS CAP are proud to announce our June Competition. We're giving away this officially licensed Brisbane Broncos cap to one lucky winner. It's a Facebook competition, so all you have to do is Like (if you haven't already) and...
  11. Morkel

    Parramatta Salary Cap Investigation

    Parra have been under investigation for a few months apparently. Related to the players that Sticky let go, but are apparently still being paid this year.
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