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  1. vertigo

    VOTE Who should be the Broncos bench hooker?

    Thought this might be a more interesting discussion.
  2. vertigo

    Sydney siege over - two hostages killed

    RIP. Watched the tactical guys storm the cafe live and haven't been able to sleep since.
  3. vertigo

    Official - Broncos sign Darius Boyd

    Error Page
  4. vertigo

    Stephen Kearney

    What do you make of his efforts over the past two seasons? Just to appease the NZers in our team? just to attract NZers? just to make coffee and lay out the cones? He sure as shit hasn't done anything for our defence, Bennett will probably keep him on like he did when he coached NZ to a World...
  5. vertigo

    Round 20 - Broncos vs Storm - Post Match Discussion

    Game was gone after the genius tactic to kick on the third tackle of the game. "That will catch them off guard and get us on the front foot!"
  6. vertigo


    This is the same terminology that the Tigers used to get rid of Sheens :takdir: The restructuring at Brisbane Broncos looks set to claim biggest scalp in club legend Andrew Gee |
  7. vertigo

    Trial #3 vs. Warriors Pre-Match Discussion

    Sunday 23rd February, 3pm NZDT (12pm QLD local) Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin Live: Fox Sports 3 - 12pm Delayed: Nine - 4pm naughty boy
  8. vertigo

    NBN to cost $30b more and fail 25mbps by 2016 promise

    New slower National Broadbank Network to cost $30 billion more than Labor's previous plan | So.. pay more and wait longer for FTTN which will be obsolete by 2020. Brilliant.
  9. vertigo

    Walters, Tallis tell it as it is
  10. vertigo

    Paul White Interview
  11. vertigo

    Wallace has to go

    I cant stand watching this fool ****ing everything up. If Hunt isn't the starting halfback for the rest of the year I give up.
  12. vertigo

    No home game round 1
  13. vertigo

    The last match

    AWAY - Titans - WIN HOME - Roosters - LOSS HOME - Dragons - WIN AWAY - Cowboys - WIN HOME - Eels - LOSS AWAY - Knights - LOSS AWAY - Warriors - LOSS HOME - Raiders
  14. vertigo

    New Broncos jersey for Dragons match ... -the-blues Essentially last years away jersey inverted with heritage stripes.

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