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  1. Mister Wright


    It looks like the finest fit for Simmons and GSW for that matter, but whether both parties could get what they need out of the deal is the key question. A third team likely needs to be involved.
  2. Mister Wright

    Where's Isaako

    Will probably be our right winger next year.
  3. Mister Wright

    BBL|11 Discussion

    Interesting Max Bryant is yet to be locked up. Will be interesting if they decide to go with him especially considering they have another inconsistent performer already locked up in Haezlett.
  4. Mister Wright

    OFFICIAL Arthars extends for two years

    You can’t improve without guys like this in the comp. Not necessarily an out-and-out star, but could be a regular first grader and definitely a reliable replacement depth player. He’s also young and has shown moments of class, so with the right coaching could be a very good player.
  5. Mister Wright

    OFFICIAL Jake Turpin re-signs

    It’s unfortunate Paix has been injured. He is far better than Turpin in attack, obviously not as good defensively, but definitely should be pitted against Turpin for a starting spot for 2022 given they are both in the final year of their contracts.
  6. Mister Wright

    BBL|11 Discussion

    Anyone else agree with me that this is Michael Neser?
  7. Mister Wright

    OFFICIAL Jake Turpin re-signs

    If Parcell was that good why is he playing in Super League?
  8. Mister Wright

    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    If we need to move Australia Day we should change the date to July 28. What a great day for Australia!
  9. Mister Wright

    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    Yeah, but I don’t live there!
  10. Mister Wright

    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    Not a fan of day time swimming finals. That should be prime time night viewing!
  11. Mister Wright

    POST GAME [Round 19, 2021] Panthers vs Broncos

    Who should we look at getting with Turpin’s money once he is off our books for 2023?
  12. Mister Wright

    SATIRE The official "**** Cummins" thread

    What about when Panthers knock it on, then we knock it on (without advantage) then Penrith pick it up & it’s play on! 🤦‍♂️
  13. Mister Wright

    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    How 🤬ing good is the Olympics!
  14. Mister Wright

    SATIRE Paul Kent’s take.

    He’s too busy claiming the vaccine is a deliberate poison to ‘control’ the masses.
  15. Mister Wright

    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    I was at the game and don't remember Fifita doing anything!
  16. Mister Wright

    NEWS Capewell coming from 2022 or Fake News?

    From what I remember from my high school Legal Studies a verbal agreement is legally binding in QLD, however that was a long time ago, so it could have changed or I could be completely wrong.
  17. Mister Wright

    NEWS Ben Ikin appointed Head of Football

    Border is shut from 1am tomorrow, so he can do his final 360 show and use the Broncos' private jet to get back to Qld in time.
  18. Mister Wright

    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    The 2nd half against the Bulldogs Farnsworth was electric. I reckon with a team performing wel he’s be a definite asset.
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