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    OFFICIAL Patrick Carrigan re-signs

    Totally agree but there are many out there who think that he is a solid workhorse in the making. They could be right but as we all know, making assumptions in RL can really go pear shaped. Teams have to pay players on future potential these days or that player will jump elsewhere. It's just the...
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    NEWS Broncos to be inspired by history in 2022

    They'll have to be patient with Kevie then because a premiership won't occur overnight. They are realistically many years away.
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    2022 Draw: Last Win Highlights

    Didn't the Broncos defeat the Bunnies in 2020? Just before the COVID break?
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    Ashes Discussion

    Neither are great options, it's got to be said. But I'm not anticipating a tough series so carrying an opener who isn't up to Test level probably won't affect them greatly.
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    NEWS Wam bam, thank you Mam

    I have no doubt that he is planning this. And with the slim options around, he may be the best suited.
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    T20 World Cup Discussion

    Lyon** has almost 400 Test wickets at 32. It's not Warne type numbers but still pretty decent. He's still the best spinner in Australia by a decent length.
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    T20 World Cup Discussion

    Possibly in circus cricket aka T-20. A format that most Australians don't give a **** about. Lyon is ten times the player when it comes to Test cricket.
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    Broncos Realistic Premiership Window

    Impossible to predict in a sport that is chronically known for it's sweeping changes at the drop of a hat. Injuries also play a massive part in the team's fortunes and those are impossible to foresee. The Broncos should fare a little better next year. They still won't challenge the big guns and...
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    The Norths Devils have always been atop the scum crop for as long as I can remember. Things may have changed the past few years but I highly doubt it.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2022

    Considering the present day options at the club, he has got a legitimate shot at the position.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    Yep and it has been set up by some guy calling himself "Wolfie".
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    I wasn't serious about sleepy ol' Nimbin. Lismore isn't big enough either and the area isn't flushed with RL support. Hippies aren't into sport.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    I live in Coffs and the place is definitely RL mad as is the inland areas. Probably don't have the population numbers to really qualify for a franchise. Cronulla vs GC played at the newly expanded stadium earlier in the year. It will happen one day though but that is a ways off.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    Nimbin perhaps?
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    Are you talking Gosford or Rockhampton? Both have a case for inclusion, especially Gosford.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    They should be called the D Bay Dolphins. Why? - it's right next door - much of their fan base will hail from there - it's just across the Bay from Bribie, another RL stronghold - it has a nice ring to it. -it is one of the most desired suburbs in all of SE Qld. It's a no brainer if you ask me.
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    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2022

    Reports out of the Melbourne camp is that they were snorting baking soda. Nothing to see here.
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    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021

    To me, he looks like an aging HB whose body is succumbing slowly due to playing RL since the age of 5. Don't get me wrong, he will aid the Broncos immensely. His footy brain and leadership alone will be worth the price of admission. But if they don't find a quality 6 to partner him, then his...
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    NEWS The Third Coming of Wayne Bennett

    Or it could be that he is only bit of glue that is holding the place together. Eg. Brisbane, 21 wins in 3 years. Souths, 22 wins and counting in 2021.
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    Flegler turning a wrestling match into a fist fight. Someone please remind me what purpose he actually serves at the Broncos.
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