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  1. Howzat

    [Round 8, 2021] Broncos vs Titans

    Is it full time yet?
  2. Howzat

    NRL General Discussion Thread - 2022

    That's for 3 screens, you may have to swipe to get the $5 offer
  3. Howzat

    NRL Players in hot water

    Should have been a soccer player, he's a natural.
  4. Howzat

    NEWS Segeyaro wasn't cleared for Broncos debut

    This is more on Newtown than anyone else, just sign the paperwork ffs and stop playing silly buggers. We had to put up with this when my son was in u10's. He had to sit out 6 weeks because his old club refused to sign the transfer papers and only did so when we played the ASD card. Absolutely...
  5. Howzat

    Australia v South Africa

    They both received 3 demerit points. Rabada just had more to start with.
  6. Howzat

    POST GAME Round 11 - Broncos vs Tigers

    Terrible pic. . . . Nice win by the Broncos
  7. Howzat

    RUMOUR 2017, Jersey and Sponsor discussion

    Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Howzat

    POST GAME Four Nations 2016 Final

    Definitely wasn't your fault. I series linked all the games on my IQ. Thanks for the link
  9. Howzat

    POST GAME Four Nations 2016 Final

    Well that's just great! I recorded the game and managed to avoid the score all day. I go to watch the it and what do I get? Heartbeat and friggen Up Periscope! Well done Nein :-(
  10. Howzat

    POST GAME Round 26 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Going by Fox it's the best we've done in a decade.
  11. Howzat

    State of Origin Maroon emerging squad

    Because they didn't think that they'd be caught. I was discussing the death sentence as a deterrent with a friend who's a cop He said it doesn't work as every person in prison thought they would get away with whichever crime they had committed. Same thing applies here.
  12. Howzat

    [Official] - Milford signs with Broncos

    I've heard that Canberra will release Milf for 2014 if the Broncos pay for all of his development costs. I've got no idea how much that is but I gather it would add up pretty fast.
  13. Howzat

    Denan kemp

    No noticeable limp and he was on the ground for about an hour and a half. Didn't see him jog. I did want to ask him how it was progressing but he was surrounded by about a hundred kids so I didn't get a chance.
  14. Howzat

    Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2013

    It's times like this I wish Tapatalk had a puke smiley :'(
  15. Howzat

    Sam - New baby arrived

    Congrats Sammy and family
  16. Howzat

    Denan kemp

    Saw Jharal, Denam and Dale at the Broncos coaching clinic today. They didn't give anything away re injuries but they all were moving around freely. Jharal hung around for the whole session and then some sighing autographs. Keep your fingers crossed :-D
  17. Howzat

    Josh Dugan - Signs with Dragons

    Lol love his "source" (yeah I know that's what she said)
  18. Howzat

    International Cricket 2012/13

    Needs more cleavage ( o Y o )
  19. Howzat

    Broncos 2012/13 Offseason Thread

    Thanks for the heads up. There's also a couple of broncos games on after.
  20. Howzat

    Memberships 2013

    This. I was a ticketed member '96 and '97 and the rushing to get to Friday night games got old real quick. I'll just get another regional membership and go to a couple of games.
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