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  1. Mister Wright

    BBL|11 Discussion

    Anyone else agree with me that this is Michael Neser?
  2. Mister Wright

    If The Broncos Retired Jerseys

    If the Broncos were to retire jerseys like in the NBA which players would you retire by a number. Here is my list. 1. Lockyer 2. Sailor 3. Renouf 4. Hodges 5. Hancock 6. Lewis 7. Langer 8. Webcke 9. Yet to be retired (maybe Berrigan? For 2006 heroics) 10. Lazarus 11. Thorn 12. Tallis 13...
  3. Mister Wright

    You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone

    I hope people are starting to realise how important McCullough is to our team. "Oh...McCullough isn't as quick as Granville or Nikorima out of dummy half, let's get rid of him." "McCullough is so slow." "McCullough isn't Cameron Smith" Hey...he might not be any of those things, but he is so...
  4. Mister Wright

    Will Ben Hunt ever play Origin?

    Ben Hunt unlucky, but rightfully overlooked for Michael Morgan as the utility player for QLD after being a shadow player for game 2 & 3 last year. So, the question has to be asked, will Ben Hunt ever play Origin? You would have to think that Cherry-Evans will have a mortgage on the QLD #7 for...
  5. Mister Wright

    Is the Cowboys' squad really THAT good?

    Everyone keeps talking about how good the Cowboys' roster is and that it is premiership material. While there are some world class players in the side, they do lack ability in key positions. Obviously they have Thurston, Scott & Tamou, although Tamou is out of form. While they have solid...
  6. Mister Wright

    Sliding Doors: Round 1

    If the Broncos hadn't of recruited Wayne Bennett and Anthony Griffin was still in charge of the Broncos what do you think our Round 1 side would have looked like. It is unlikely we would have seen Boyd, Blair & Gavet recruited to the Broncos and I doubt Whitchurch would have been selected...
  7. Mister Wright

    How many Broncos in the Anzac test teams?

    New Zealand: Pretty easy - Glenn & Hoffman Australia: Will Hoges get the nod or will Hayne retain his spot? You'd have to think Gillett has a bench spot wrapped up. Parker should be in the 17 somewhere. Thaiday, if fit, should also get in. That makes 4 certainties & 2 possibles.
  8. Mister Wright

    Coach Power Rankings

    I've come up with my own little formula to work out which coach is most under pressure. Coaches get points for 3 categories; last season, recent form and ladder position. Last season: Premiership = 5, Runner Up = 4, Semi Finalist = 3, Finalist = 2, Outside 8 = 1 Recent Form: Points are given...
  9. Mister Wright

    Imagine...our 2014 team if all the rumours were true...

    1. Barba 2. Hoffman 3. Kelly (Albert) 4. Hodges 5. Yow Yeh 6. Cooper (Quade) 7. Cherry-Evans 8. Hannant 9. McCullough 10. Shillington 11. Glenn 12. Thaiday 13. Parker (c) 14. Gillett 15. McGuire 16. Leroyd-Lars 17. Sandow I might have missed a few...
  10. Mister Wright

    Marquee Players

    There is a push currently to have one player at each club exempt from the salary cap and can be paid up to $1.5M that wil not count towards the regular cap. So, who are the 16 players you think who would be top of a club's marquee player hit list? Here's mine, in order: 1. Cameron Smith 2...
  11. Mister Wright

    Be Righter Than Mr. Wright

    During the summer I'm going to post a statement at the start of each match (worth 5 points) and then the start of each day (worth one point). Basically I'll ask pose a statement which will be a prediction. If you match me and we get it right you get one point, but if we get it wrong you'll...
  12. Mister Wright

    Is Todd Carney Over-rated?

    He's won a Daly M and got his side to a grand final. However, the way the media talks about him he should be the greatest player on earth. Today he should have got the Sharks over the line against the Dragons, and in all honesty the Maroons were not at 100% throughout this year's Origin series...
  13. Mister Wright

    What the World Was Like Last Time New South Wales Won An Origin Series

    1. John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia 2. Peter Beattie was Premier of Queensland 3. George W. Bush was President of the USA 4. Tony Blair was Prime Minister of Great Britan 5. Roger Federer only had 6 Grand Slam Titles (now 16), Rafael Nadal 1 (now 10), Novak Djokovic made his Grand...
  14. Mister Wright

    McCullough Ready for 80 Mins

    I know we didn't win and it came about because of injury, but I think McCullough now needs to play 80 mins every week. He showed against the Warriors he can handle full game time. I'd still keep Hunt on the bench as injury cover and a 'Cooper Cronk in Origin' role. McCullough is really...
  15. Mister Wright

    Manly Fans v PNG Fans

    Manly fans struggle to make a trip 20 odd kms to see their team whereas PNG fans fire gun shots because they can't get into the stadium. Manly should be kicked out of the competition and PNG should take their place. Australia beat PNG in rugby league clash "Ferguson bagged a double and...
  16. Mister Wright

    Pick The Score Competition

    I did this on another forum a couple of seasons ago, but wasn't a great success as a few guys stopped putting their picks in throughout the season. This is how the game works: Hopefully, we'll have 16 interested players. The aim of the game is to tip a team that will score more points than...
  17. Mister Wright

    Battle of the Broncos' Buys

    Following the 'Battle of the Worst Commentators' comes the 2nd battle of the summer... 'Battle of the Broncos' Buys. This battle is to decide which is the best player bought by the Brisbane club. Nominations are open until Friday and the battle will begin on the weekend. 2 nominations per...
  18. Mister Wright

    Battle of the Worst Commentators

    During the offseason I'll be running a collection of battles. There will be about 4 or 5 days of nominations and then the battles will run their course. The first battle running in the off season will be the, Battle of the Worst Commentators. Rules: Everyone may make two nominations Each...
  19. Mister Wright

    Titans must win for the sake of a 'national' competition

    I was watching Mad Monday the other night and the bozos on there were going on how there 'must' be two Sydney sides in the GF. It's clear to see that the people that call themselves the 'purists' of the game still haven't got over the fact that this is now a national competition and not...
  20. Mister Wright

    Your Top 5 Negatives & Positives for the 2010 Season

    With our season only alive with minor miracles that need to occur this week & next week it's time to start the post season analysis. Post what you think have been the 5 major negatives and positives for this season. I'm going to get the negatives out of the way first: Negatives: 1. The...
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