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  1. ChewThePhatt

    Your Bronco Awards

    If there was a 'Most Valuable' option... K.Hunt would have gotten a mention.
  2. ChewThePhatt

    Your Bronco Awards

    Forward. Glenn Back. Isaako Consistent. Milf Improved. Coats Rookie. Alf Play of the year. Welsh Player to watch. Huge
  3. ChewThePhatt

    RANT Why did it take Milford 5 years to play decent football again?

    He's lazy. It's that simple..... The **** is lazy. Nuf said
  4. ChewThePhatt

    PRE-GAME [Round 25, 2021] Broncos vs Knights

    Just finish the season above the cows on the ladder. That is all. FFS
  5. ChewThePhatt

    NEWS Haas gets pay bump, long term deal in holding pattern

    Pm me too please! 🙈🙉🙊
  6. ChewThePhatt

    OFFICIAL Albert Kelly Signs on for 2022

    Can we get a link to that interview please?
  7. ChewThePhatt


    Really appreciate all that you bring to this place @McHunt Thank you.
  8. ChewThePhatt

    POST GAME [Round 23, 2021] Broncos vs Warriors

    Not only did we win, we fucking earned it! Watched the game with my new girlfriend, she's a warriors supporter :) We made a deal before the game..... **** she gives great hea... Best weekend I've had in years!
  9. ChewThePhatt

    NEWS Roster Tracker for 2022 and beyond

    Genuine question... Do we really want Parcell? I haven't really had my head in the game for the last year or so... I know we need a hooker upgrade, can Parcell give us what we need?
  10. ChewThePhatt

    OFFICIAL Alex Glenn announces retirement

    Clean skin, family man, club man, consummate professional. Thank you Alix. I hope you finish off with 3 career best games. All the best Bro, 100%
  11. ChewThePhatt

    Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021
  12. ChewThePhatt

    NEWS Brodie Croft off

    **** me... & I thought staying sober was hard. Sending love
  13. ChewThePhatt

    Broncos positivity thread

    Agreed, it's nice to feel like I'm supporting a well run professional outfit again.
  14. ChewThePhatt

    Old School Footy Discussion

    Absolutely loving this thread. Thank you @Big Pete 👍
  15. ChewThePhatt

    NEWS Brodie Croft off

    Always offered effort 110%+ I wish him well.
  16. ChewThePhatt

    POST GAME [Round 21, 2021] Knights vs Broncos

    Just gotta throw some love to Tyson Gamble... He (pretty much) single handedly took Ponga out of that game. Outstanding effort. Pretty to watch.
  17. ChewThePhatt

    NEWS Donuts hires world's top "mindset coach"

    We are no longer in desperate need of a rebuild. Finally we are right in the middle of one. We have been waiting for this for fucking years! I'm starting to fall back in love with the Broncos.
  18. ChewThePhatt

    PRE-GAME [Round 20, 2021] Broncos vs Cowboys

    We've got this. After an awesome defensive game... Broncos 9 cows 7
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