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  1. Black Philip

    Sack Seibold Now!

    On your bike Seibold.
  2. Black Philip

    NEWS Broncos: blank generation

    I really miss Moose. I understand why he had to go if the rumors are true and he was causing unrest within the playing group, but god damn do we need an aggressive competitor like him right now.
  3. Black Philip

    Broncos Player Movement and Rumours 2020

    If only seggy didn't get into the juice
  4. Black Philip

    PRE-GAME Round 4 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Thanks man, that sucks. Back row is a real worry for us in the next couple of rounds.
  5. Black Philip

    PRE-GAME Round 4 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Have you seen much of Riki play? Is he too raw for first grade yet?
  6. Black Philip

    PRE-GAME Round 4 - Broncos vs Roosters

    Isn't Bullemor more of a middle forward? Since there are no restrictions on our development players, what about giving Jordan Riki a go?
  7. Black Philip

    Round 3 - Broncos vs Eels

    Our defence was impressive for a while but we have been flat footed with the ball all night and let down with silly errors. Pretty disappointed after what we've seen in the first two rounds.
  8. Black Philip

    PRE-GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    Hopoate impressed me. If we're without Glenn and Pangai Jr, I would definitely give him a start.
  9. Black Philip

    Nines / Trial Games

    Does anyone know if the trial is streamed tonight?
  10. Black Philip

    Broncos 2020 Squad

    If Bird has a good year what are the odds that the Roosters might chase him?
  11. Black Philip

    Broncos 2020 Squad

    No this makes me angry at the NRL for playing favourites with the Rabbitohs. As long as my arse points south there is NO WAY Burgess and Inglis should have been allowed to be exempt from the cap following their medical retirements. They should have been in no position to afford Arrow and...
  12. Black Philip

    NEWS Siebold chuffed with pre-season fitness

    It feels like union has been bleeding out for quite some time. Even the junior talent pools have become more diluted with AIC schools now offering league. I don't know if it's lack of foresight and action on behalf of union or down to League being too strong, but it definitely looks like union...
  13. Black Philip

    Player physiques - Pre Season

    Mate, calm down before you make God start another bush fire.
  14. Black Philip

    Best Crowd Reaction

    Granville with the dive as Milford kicks the field goal
  15. Black Philip

    NEWS Kahu set to return to Broncos after short stint at Cowboys

    I'm so angry at this, I don't even know what to say. Who is doing this to our club? Someone needs to resign or be dismissed over mismanagement. This is completely unacceptable. Shameful, incompetent and disgraceful.
  16. Black Philip

    Who are you going for?

    Anyone but souths. **** Bennett. And **** Roberts the grub too.
  17. Black Philip

    NEWS Lay off: Darius Boyd "Suicide Risk"

    Holy shit, football players really are dumb as dog shit. Have a look at your pay packet, that's why you're under so much pressure. The Broncos are the team that Brisbane is associated with first across all professional sports and you've been bestowed with the privilege of representing them...
  18. Black Philip

    Round 23 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs

    I hope the big fellas on the left flank are told to run hard like their life depends upon it against Roberts. **** that dog piece of shit.
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