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  1. mrslong

    Super League War podcast

    Sorry if this is already recommended here somewhere, but I just started the Rugby League Digest podcast series about the Super League War. Fantastic non-partisan insight into the whole thing. Starts off with the introduction of the Broncos to the comp and how that accelerated things. As I was a...
  2. mrslong


    As Mr 8 sat up last night and cheered the Storm losing (his best mate is a typical Storm fan, so of course my boy death rides them in the Aussie mateship way, plus I'm his mother so he knows that they're pure evil) I realised that schadenfreude is all we have this year to bring us joy. Since the...
  3. mrslong

    The Refs - Have a Whinge and Solve Their Many Problems

    We should have a refs thread. I would like to see 1 ref, and he (or she!) makes the decisions. I can live with an incorrect call in the run of play. Humans make mistakes, we move on and get over it. I can NOT handle the video refs with all the time in the world and all the replays getting it...
  4. mrslong

    Media v Broncos & Bennett

    It's getting really tiresome. I'm sure it gets plenty of clicks because all of the other clubs fans combined hate us like we're Manly. But I can't figure out why, we haven't won a premiership in over 10 years ffs, we are hardly the pinnacle of success these days. Anyway, it's just getting...
  5. mrslong

    NFL 2017 Discussion

    Hey @Clintos who knew the free agency season was going to be as exciting as the season. If we can re-sign Hightower and Butler we have an even better team than 2016. I wouldn't mind keeping Jimmy G, but would laugh if we can some how get the first overall pick from Cleveland for him.
  6. mrslong

    Conspiracy Theories - why the fails?

    What is it guys? This is the list of the conspiracy theories/rumours at Red Hill. "Rat" in the ranks Players doing coke in sydney night club toilets Hunt and Macca hate each other Too many ego's The players don't like Corey/won't play for him Wayne is too old, has lost the locker room Corey...
  7. mrslong

    A new Broncos fan is born/stories of your conversion

    So here's a touching story about my 12 year old nephew "Z's" conversion to the great game of Rugby League and the Brisbane Broncos. A year ago September my hubby's brother passed away suddenly leaving behind 4 kids aged 6-11 and a wife. Anyway, my brother in law and wife hated footy, and his...
  8. mrslong

    Would Cam Smith, JT, Slater and Co been as good.....

    Here's an interesting hypothetical I've been thinking about lately. Do Cameron Smith, Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater, and to a lesser extent Darren Lockyer (because he was already super awesome) become as good as they are if they don't play together in this period of origin? Say if Cameron...
  9. mrslong

    If this forum was in charge of the Broncos

    Ive been lurking the forums a lot more often of late, and I feel that since my regular days we've gotten a lot more negative. Probably the premiership drought is taking it's toll. Anyway, if we were in charge this is what would happen: we would have no coach; the one we've got is rubbish, the...
  10. mrslong

    Can we have a MOST HATED team

    All these useless teams being named....I feel like I want to add my most hated players. The ones who's face I would like to smash when they are on my tv screen. 1 Jarryd Hayne - Play the ball quickly, it's not all about you princess. 2 Blake Ferguson - See Beau Ryan. 3 Jarrod Croker - the...
  11. mrslong

    Manly Diving Club

    Manly players MUST be coached to stay down when they get a clip to the head. I started to notice it last year in the run to and through the finals that they seemed to take a dive. And it's continued on this year - it's every single player staying down, and not just staying down but playing...
  12. mrslong

    Mystery Player Selections

    There are a few players running around that seem to be automatic selections week after week, and i just don't understand why...........Yes i know some of these guys have had good seasons and games here and there, but they are keeping out more talented players.... Who are your mystery...
  13. mrslong

    Round 1 - Eels vs Broncos - Build Up Thread (Official Team pg 7)

    So has anyone else heard the rumour that Cricket Australia have petitioned Channel 9 to flick this game in order to play the T20 match? :sigh: The amount of respect Channel 9 shows league it wouldn't surprise me if they did play the T20 match, as more "Australians" would watch it. :rolleyes:
  14. mrslong

    Best spine

    Was just looking at this article on foxsports Who do you reckon has the best 1, 6, 7, 9 in the comp? Looking at that there's...
  15. mrslong

    Top 5 Moments of 2011 Season

    OK. What are your top 5 moments of the 2011 Season? 5. Number 5 is Nathan Merritt's 5 tries v the Parramatta Eels. This may be on my list because he was my NSRL winger. 4. Johnathan Thurston leading the Cowboys back from 16 points down twice against the Eels (again). What a champ. 3. Jharal...
  16. mrslong


    The contrast in the two performances by referees on Friday night was worlds apart. I thought Archer let the Storm game run its course (although the melbourne storm control of the ruck is appalling) and the referrees were barely noticed all game. I thought it was a very good display. One of the...
  17. mrslong

    Wynnajersey - Twitter

    So do I see that Shaneomac won the wynnajersey on twitter? Well done! I won it earlier this year. It's an excellent comp! BHQ ruling the wynnajersey's! :rockon:I love my jersey too. I nearly won again last night too, very close!
  18. mrslong

    Highlights of Season 2011

    What are your hilights of season 2011 so far? Aside from the obvious brilliance by our own might Broncos, which has been magnificent. in Hook we trust :respect: I have a few: The return of Matty Bowen. He is in pretty much career best form and is a pleasure to watch. He's not a wanker...
  19. mrslong


    Started the season pretty good with regards to the reffing, but it has hit a new low. The Broncos v Titans game was pretty bad, the refs blowing the pea out of the whistle all night. However the Penrith v Parramatta game was ATTROCIOUS. Parra should have won that game, but some strange...
  20. mrslong

    It's not 6-Nil

    It's QLD: 19 (+1980 & 1981) = 21 Series wins NSW: 12 Series wins According to Wikipedia. Qld has won in 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84, 87, 88, 89, 91, 95, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 NSW won in: 1985, 86, 90. 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 2000, 03, 04, 05 OH YEAH.
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