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    Is Latrell Mitchell a Bad Guy?

    I feel the Latrell Mitchell saga is one of the craziest drawn-out contract negotiations I’ve ever seen. Thousands of media articles, mostly with a negative spin, and yet I’ve only seen the one full interview from Latrell, which I’ll attach to bottom of the post. In that interview he seems...
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    The Macca Issue

    I think one of the few things the members of this forum agree on is that Macca should not be in the Broncos anymore. Sure he is supposedly a good trainer / good bloke and he is definitely a good recoverer , but he stifles our team. The slow service out of dummy half and poor decision making...
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    Shopping for 7's

    Seeing as we are going to build our team around the milf, and as everyone knows he can't organise - it got me thinking, who are some realistic options that could play 7 for the broncos in 2019 / 2020 and beyond? Do we continue with the Nikorima experiment? Do we promote internally (Eg dargan)...
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    Current League vs Current Union

    I know the whole league vs. union thing has been overdone, but lets for a second say they were playing the same game (say, League) and every player had been brought up playing league etc. I've always watched both and I think the last decade I would always have picked League, even throughout All...

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