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    Any have a link for a Tony Carroll highlights vid, or want to make one? lol...
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    NEWS Karmichael's dream comes true

    Has anyone seen the guy smile? I've met him numerous times, and been around when he's jumped in to help around the juniors and not once seen a smile on his face - maybe its just me.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    A bloke looking for work offered job.... Wow, coup indeed.
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    Wayne probably owns about 50 houses all over the place anyways. As for a local stadium, the vacant land adjacent Rothwell Station is about the same size as where a Robina/Townsville/Parramatta style development sits on, except the power lines hamper that. A slight realignment of Stubbins Rd...
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    Team Building Analysis

    Well, clearly not based on the storms or roosters spreadsheet...
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    Broncos Realistic Premiership Window

    Fifita and Coates back in 2024 to claim the glory the others worked for....
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    So, the NRL want a game as Suncorp every week, when was the event cap at Suncorp removed?
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    I haven't been following the full new team thing, was there a bid from Logan?
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    OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion

    South Queensland Dolphins
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    NEWS The Third Coming of Wayne Bennett

    Wayne Bennett 101, get the spotlight off the players coming into big games. Bagging the broncos while their possible 2022 captain is sitting right next to him, troll level 1000000.
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    NEWS Milford arrested

    Have you looked at the prices of a decent place in Forest Lake lately?
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    NEWS Vlandys drops his guts on the Broncos

    If each team can't play each other twice its not a fair comp, the draw can be rigged, just like the rules have been manipulated. There's too many teams now.
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    VOTE PAYNE HAAS IS BHQ Player of Round 23

    And if he left..
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    POST GAME [Round 23, 2021] Broncos vs Warriors

    Your first example is what I mean, the player with the ball takes the ball out, not the person kicking it. The kicked ball is landing in the field of play, the player catching the ball is putting themselves out. Anyways, the rules are the rules, I just don't like that one.
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    POST GAME [Round 23, 2021] Broncos vs Warriors

    I hate the catch the ball with part of your body out rule, the ball isn't going out, the only reason it "does" is because of the player touching it - should be no part of your body is to be in the field if anything, or come from outside the playing field and don't touch part of the infield...
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    VOTE PAYNE HAAS IS BHQ Player of Round 23

    I get it, and its been going on for ages, but I trust NO ONE in our team enough not to drop it cold..
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    PRE-GAME [Round 23, 2021] Broncos vs Warriors

    IMO Warriors are our bogie team. I flew to Auckland for a game I think in 2004 and we were heavy favs and got rolled - luckily it was so damn cold no one could see my Bronco's jersey because the warriors fans were giving it to those who were wearing theirs after the game.
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    POST GAME [Round 22, 2021] Broncos vs Roosters

    Watched replay, what's with the ref releasing the roosters before the play the ball. Has that rule changed to? seem to release the defenders when the ball was placed, not played.
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    NEWS Dave strikes

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    POST GAME [Round 21, 2021] Knights vs Broncos

    Now CS9 has retired, can Vlandy's have a crack down on forward passes, that would be great.

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