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    Roosters vs Broncos [Round 11, 2021]

    Scoreboard is far better than what I thought it would be. Very nervous for the second half but well done for the first half. Listening to the commentators it's a complete fluke 😂
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    Roosters vs Broncos [Round 11, 2021]

    Just saw Broncs are $13 for win… wow!
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    POST GAME Round 17 - Broncos vs Panthers

    Biggest difference for me was tackle domination.
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    OFFICIAL Anthony Seibold has left the building

    My hope is for two things to happen: Seibold says his piece and moves on with his life. The media leave him alone. He isn’t used as the only scapegoat for the issues going on at the club that desperately needs a full shakedown. As a number of others have said, the issues start right at the top...
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    Round 14 - Raiders vs Broncos

    Is the coach literally the only one in our box?
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    Round 14 - Raiders vs Broncos

    Comically bad
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    NEWS Corey Oates cleared of compound fracture

    Seibold said compound fracture at press conference
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    POST GAME Round 8 - Warriors vs Broncos

    100% this. You can put all the coaching and administration challenges aside, our players are playing shit full stop.
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    POST GAME Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    They are men playing for a career. Bit of a cop out to say you didn’t put in 100% because of your boss, but my main concern is it’s used as yet another excuse. How much do you want to bet a change of coach = similar result?
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    POST GAME Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    There’s a lot of issues but I don’t agree with the coach being number 1. Individual performances and attitude are lacking significantly. I’d hate to see the coach go as the scapegoat with nothing really changing with those actually on the field delivering the result - the players.
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    Round 7 - Broncos vs Titans

    And when the coach goes? The players will have no one else to hide behind their piss poor form.
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    POST GAME Round 24 - Broncos vs Eels

    In attack he was poor but in defence he was very solid.
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    Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Poor effort and laziness. That is all.
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    Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos

    Fox called Milf as FB.
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    Round 20 - Cowboys vs. Broncos - Post Match Discussion

    When Wallace came on and Hunt went missing we went straight back to our old ways. That's where Hunt needs to learn to step up and take control.
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    Live Chats with Hook and White

    Just realised I had the chat window still open. If anyone wants to read the full transcript it's attached...
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    Live Chats with Hook and White

    Hook didn't shy away from a few tough questions, but the responses were all fairly standard / PC which was to be expected I guess. General theme of his answers were: Don't write season off yet Acknowledge need to recruit externally, with things underway that can't publicly be disclosed...
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    Live Chats with Hook and White

    Looks like he's on now...
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    Round 9 - Warriors vs Broncos

    Would also love to know :)
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    Round 15 - Broncos vs Dragons - Post Match Discussion

    Locky got MoM at the game.

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